Chat Quality Health check
Chat Quality Health check
A Live Chat service is nothing without its agents, but there’s a lot we can do to help support those agents to be the best they can!
$599.95 per license
Developed by The Chat Shop
Works with   LiveChat
A Business Chat Quality Health Check will look at the resources you’re using to review opportunities to improve the quality of your agents’ performance. This is particularly important for those who have been running a service for some time as an outside eye is invaluable for identifying those bad habits or little ‘but it’s always been this way!’ things that are holding you back!

Key Features

Perfect for
Those with an established service looking to finetune its performance or find new ways to grow their service.
Pairs well with
Proactive Engagement Creation


Chat review

We’ll review chat transcripts to see how effectively your chat achieves your business objectives.

Conversation flow
If you have chat scripting in place, we’ll review and offer feedback on how to optimise it for both quality/performance and practical agent usage.
Review your supporting resources
We’ll review any information documents that your agents work from and suggest ways you can improve this day-to-day usage to avoid agent mistakes and improve performance.
Customer feedback
We’ll review your customer’s feedback to the chat service and identify ways to boost what your customers love and avoid what they don’t!
Professional review
We’ll use our 9 years of experience to provide detailed feedback on how your agents are performing, what they do well and what could be improved.

Tutorial & Support

To get help and support contact The Chat Shop. You can also suggest improvements or request new features in the upcoming versions of Chat Quality Health check .
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