Zen Cart
Zen Cart
Chat with customers, help them complete the checkout process and improve your sales.

Connect LiveChat & ZenCart and easily get a chat widget on your website. Talk with clients, deliver help in real time and educate visitors about your products. Finally, improve customer satisfaction and grow sales.

Zen Cart is an open source, (GPL2 licensed), e-commerce solution & shopping cart solution. Supported by a dedicated global community of programmers, Zen Cart offers a high level of customization.

The solution lets you list detailed product attributes, creates pricing structures and add entire product categories in a matter of clicks. Admin dashboard is rich with settings, making it quick and easy to reconfigure the look and feel of your store.

What's more, you can implement customer access restrictions, offer a variety of shipping options, support discount coupon codes, email communications or advertising banners. Plus, Zen Cart comes with built-in payment gateways and integrations that let you connect it with other modules.

Key Features
Seamless instalation

With a few steps, you can equip your ZenCart with a simple yet powerful chat tool – LiveChat. That will not only increase your customers' satisfaction but will also allow you to increase your sales in the process! Because there's nothing better than the possibility to get instant help whenever you need it.

Customizable design

Integrate LiveChat with ZenCart and enrich the design of your website. Take advantage of CSS customization and make LiveChat your website's second half.

Chat greetings

LiveChat can detect when visitors take certain actions on your website and issue chat invitations based on these actions. For example, you can send a personalized invitation to a visitor who has seen several of your help pages or contact a person who visited you for the first time.

Powerful ticketing system

We want to offer you a full package that includes not only a reliable chat tool but also a ticketing system – so you can provide your customers with 24/7 service.

Chat surveys

Gather feedback in chat surveys and find out what is going through your clients' heads. Ask specific questions or introduce your rating system. Thanks to LiveChat, you can have a viable insight into customers’ needs and tailor your efforts to deliver personalized service.

Turn browsing visitors into customers

All website visitors are essentially sales opportunities. Once installed, LiveChat makes it easy for you to communicate with browsing visitors, build better relationships, and close more deals.

Quickly resolve all the problems of your customers

Customers want a fast response time to their queries and problems. With LiveChat, you can offer real-time help, ensuring more sales and customer satisfaction in the process.

Improve your sales

Instead of waiting for customers to contact you, take the initiative and reach out to them proactively. By making the first step towards a conversation, you’re increasing sales opportunities.

Tutorial & Support
App tutorial and setup instructions how to use and properly configure this app with your LiveChat account.
Contact to get help and support. You can also suggest improvements or request new features in the upcoming versions of Zen Cart.
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