Drive sales by elevating chats to voice, video, and screen sharing.
$20 / mo, per agent

Highlights: SnapCall is now available on LiveChat mobile app for iOS and Android 🚀🚀

SnapCall is the first call solution for LiveChat, enabling a fully digital omnichannel experience inside the chat to accelerate online sales and deliver an extraordinary customer experience.

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The integration allows your team to effortlessly start a audio or a video call with the customer and share their screen right inside the chat widget, without the customer needing to relocate to a different page or explain their situation to another agent all over again.

Calls are fully digital, no phone number or any additional equipment is required. No need to install anything. Calls are free for customers worldwide.

While using SnapCall, your team has full control of who and when is provided with the possibility to get on an audio or video call and enable screen sharing.

Use Cases :

🛍️ Personal live shopping

Video calls can change the digital shopping experience. SnapCall provides businesses the opportunity to engage with their customers in ways previously impossible.

📈 Online Sales

B2B sales rely on an exceptional customer experience. Providing such an experience online, however, has been challenging due to the long buyer’s journey. SnapCall delivers a shortcut - sales teams can engage with leads through video as quickly as needed.

🆘 Qualified support

Customer-centricity has been at the forefront of the most successful companies in the world. With the massive movement towards digital experiences, delivering exceptional support is of utmost importance.

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Key Features
Effortless integration

Just a click to start offering voice and video calls directly from the chat widget. Nothing to install for your team and customers.

Easily switch from chat to call

Offer your team to call customers directly inside the chat conversation with just one click. Nothing to set up, no additional equipment required. Calls can help you solve complex queries faster, boost sales and create stronger relationships with your customers.

Fully digital and free

Launching a call from the chat widget is completely digital. This means you don’t need a phone number or any additional equipment to offer voice and video interactions to your customers. Calls are completely free of charge for the customer, anywhere in the world.

Ensure continuity in the customer journey

SnapCall makes it effortless to switch to a call with the same customer you are currently chatting with. This allows both customers and your team to save time and enhance efficiency. If you get disconnected, it’s easy to get back on a call with just one click.

Full power in your hands

Your team decides who and when is granted the opportunity to get on an audio or video call and enable screen sharing. It’s easy to offer to your most valuable customers only.

Get immediate customer feedback

SnapCall offers a convenient way to get valuable feedback. Customers can rate the call right after they finish the conversation with an agent, so your team has an insight into their performance.

Statistics dashboard

Easily track and analyze the most valuable data on how your team is using SnapCall (location, start time, call duration, agent activity KPIs).

Provide exceptional support directly from the chat widget

Provide the customer support experience of tomorrow – effortless and fully digital. Switch to voice or video call in cases where a live conversation could improve resolution time and boost customer satisfaction.

Improve sales conversion rate with voice

Bridge the gap between your physical and online store by switching to video calls in situations where live interaction could positively impact the deal or help create a relationship that would motivate the customer to buy again.

For your company
  • Accelerated growth and reduced cost
  • Improved sales conversion rates and customer satisfaction
  • No telecom costs, zero maintenance expense
For your customers
  • Exceptional customer experience
  • Most queries solved right away by the same agent, all within LiveChat
  • Free calls anywhere in the world
For your team
  • Enhanced productivity
  • It’s easier to provide a great customer experience & achieve KPIs
  • Improved employee satisfaction
Tutorial & Support
App tutorial and setup instructions how to use and properly configure this app with your LiveChat account.
Contact to get help and support. You can also suggest improvements or request new features in the upcoming versions of SnapCall.
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