OSI Affiliate Software
OSI Affiliate Software
Stay in touch with your affiliate program partners thanks to LiveChat.

Get in touch with your affiliate partners with ease. Integrate LiveChat with OSI Affiliate Software to enable anyone connected to your User Area to start a conversation with you using LiveChat.

OSI Affiliate Software allows you to easily create and manage a referral program for your business. It also helps to build your customer base up.

Thanks to the social share widget, every customer can become an affiliate and promote your business. You can reward your advocates using commissions, discounts or gift cards. Referral partners can track all their earned rewards in a dedicated dashboard.

What’s more, OSI enables you to create contests for your referral partners that will keep them engaged and motivated. It also lets you leverage customizable “thank you” pages.

Key Features
Connect with your affiliate partners

The OSI Affiliate Software integration offers you an easy way to get in touch with your affiliate partners. Use this opportunity to offer chat support and improve the flow of communication.

Easy installation

Copy and paste the LiveChat snippet – that's all it takes to integrate LiveChat with OSI Affiliate software!

Gain additional communication channel

Users prefer chatting a lot more than calling. With LiveChat, you can adjust to latest trends and provide instant assistance via the most convenient communication channel.

Improve response times

People love to chat. With speed and timeliness on your side, you can provide immediate support to those who don’t want to get stuck on hold or wait days to receive an answer.

Cut down on customer service expenses

LiveChat helps you decrease your customer service costs — you can handle an unlimited number of live chats with any number of customers, meaning you can deliver quicker service to more people.

Make LiveChat your second half

Customise the chat window to your website: stick your logo to it, adjust colors and choose a preferred style. With a bit of CSS magic, LiveChat can become a real chameleon that can fade into the background and become an inseparable part of your site!

Tutorial & Support
App tutorial and setup instructions how to use and properly configure this app with your LiveChat account.
Contact to get help and support. You can also suggest improvements or request new features in the upcoming versions of OSI Affiliate Software.