Chat Duration Report
Chat Duration Report
Analyze the chat duration and increase your efficiency
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Check the average chat duration for individual agents, and compare it with the team average to find the agents who should improve their performance.

When comparing the average time between agents, remember that chat duration depends on the subject and complexity of the case. You can filter the report using groups and tags to find an average that the agents can be compared to.

With this data, you can see which agents should speed up their work to help more customers during the day as well as who should slow down a bit and focus on solving problems more thoroughly.

Key Features
See only the information you need

All reports can be filtered to show results for specific conditions making data analysis easier.

Create custom reports

All reports can be saved to a CSV file.

Make your team more effective

Analyze chats duration for different agents, tags, and groups to improve efficiency.

Tutorial & Support
Contact to get help and support. You can also suggest improvements or request new features in the upcoming versions of Chat Duration Report.
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