Turn more Apple users into loyal customers by making it easier for them to chat with you.
Apple Business Chat

Apple Business Chat

Turn more Apple users into loyal customers by making it easier for them to chat with you.
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  • The integration is free to use
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Let 1.5 billion Apple users chat with you in Messages, the default Apple messaging app. It’s more convenient so users are more likely to stick with chats. This gives you more chances to help them along the path to becoming loyal customers. LiveChat agents chat with Apple users just as they do with anyone else – there is no new interface to learn. Integrate Apple Business Chat with LiveChat to enable native chat options for Apple users and get all available features such as list pickers and integrated Apple Pay. For example, iPhone users searching in Spotlight search will see an option to start chatting with you right from the search results. The experience is seamless for both customers and the LiveChat agents chatting with them. ChatBot integration offers plenty of room for smart automation as well. Please note that the integration is currently available only in Business and Enterprise plans.


See the setup instructions on how to properly configure this app with your LiveChat account.

Contact vendor to get help and support. You can also suggest improvements or request new features in the upcoming versions of Apple Business Chat.

Key Features

Chat buttons integrated into iOS apps
Add a chat option for your company in Safari, Spotlight Search, Apple Maps, Siri, on your website, your social media, in your iOS app and now with Chat Suggest, which can offer a messaging option when iPhone users make a call.
List picker
Give customers a list of options to choose from – make lists on the fly and save common ones for quick access. Also works great to get information quickly with chatbots.
Date and time picker
Propose time and date options and let customers reserve one in chat. They see any conflicts thanks to automatic cross-checking with the Calendar app on their iPhone.
Open other iOS apps
Send links that allow users to open other apps, such as your iOS app, to get further information or complete a transaction.
Accept payments in chat
Let customers make purchases with Apple Pay. Customers with Apple Pay set up will see an option to quickly and securely pay with their method of choice.
Verify identity in chat
Use secure authentication for interactions where you need to be sure the person on the other end is who they say they are.
Chat across Apple devices
Identity in Business Chat is linked to a customer's Apple account. Business Chat syncs chats on any device linked to that account.


Convert more Apple users
Let Apple users start chats with you in Messages, the default Apple messaging app. The experience is more convenient and engaging for them, so they stick with chats in Messages for longer which leads to more chances for you to earn their business.
Smooth experiences all around
Natively integrated iOS features mean a seamless experience for customers. Your customer service agents will chat with Apple users as they do with anyone else in LiveChat – there’s no new interface to learn.
Automate with a human touch
AI-powered chatbots quickly answer when possible or route customers to the right agent thanks to seamless integration with ChatBot.
Integration with Apple Business Chat is free to use
  • 63 teams are using it
  • All