How Lead Generation Companies Can Help Your Business Grow

Sales is like the fuel that keeps your business running.

To keep your sales tank full, you need to work on how you can attract visitors to your business and how to convert them into leads. You’ll have to make a couple of choices. What marketing activities to choose? Should you hire an outsourcing agency or let your marketing team handle it?

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What Is Lead Generation? 🚀

If sales is the fuel for your business, lead generation is the fuel for sales.

Long story short, lead generation is the process of attracting people to your business by making them naturally interested in your product or service.

A smart inbound marketing strategy tailored to your potential customer will help you find new prospective customers and keep your pipeline full of qualified leads.

Hard to believe?

See how many lead opportunities
your website generates

What’s your average monthly traffic? 388

Industry avg. traffic-to-chat conversion based on data from LiveChat users 7%
65 000
Business Opportunity Leads
You are sitting on a lead goldmine!
Beast your website’s sales potential and turn those strangers into buyers. Dive in.

Surprised with the numbers? The real question is how to turn these opportunities into leads.

Some of the lead generation marketing strategies will be easier to implement, and some will need putting more effort, time and know-how.

There are different ways of handling lead generation activities. You may keep your whole marketing in-house and use your own team’s resources. You can also hire a lead generation company that will help you drive traffic to your website and gain some qualified leads.

No matter what solution will you choose, there’s a particular idea behind all the best lead generation tactics. To understand it you’ll need to take a moment and try stepping into the regular customer’s shoes.

How to generate leads?

For many years customers were bombed with old school marketing activities—tv and press ads, cold calls and billboards. Overwhelmed by the amount of selling messages, they started to ignore them.

The process of selling and buying has changed, and there’s no going back. The customer prefers to find the service or a product on his own. Pushing him to buy something would instead turn him off.

How do you attract and convert strangers into leads? You need to provide them with enough helpful goodies they need. Try wondering what your potential customers’ questions are and how your company can help them get the answers.

Use the empathy to find the pains and desires of your potential customer. Let your marketing and sales team analyze the profile of your customers. Then create a marketing persona – a generalized representation of your dream customer.

A deep understanding of your business personas is critical for developing a right content strategy tailored to your audience. Giving your customers answers to their questions, you’ll make them initiate the contact by themselves. It’s much more natural way to start a deep relationship with a chance to convert.

Try answering these questions for a good understanding of your customers’ situation.

  • What problems are they facing?
  • Are they aware of the solutions?
  • Where do they look for the information?
  • What are their goals? What will please them?
  • What are their fears? What will push them away?

Answer those to put yourself on the right track to create the content that will attract the visitors to your website. And make them want to stay in touch with your company for a bit longer.

user oriented lead generation companies

There are many examples of content that companies use to drive traffic to their website. Some of them are interesting blog posts, white papers, ebooks, infographics, webinars and reports.

In exchange for the valuable content, use Call-to-Action and contact forms to ask your visitors to leave their email address. If they consider the piece of content worth it, they’ll be happy to do it.

What’s in it for you? His contacts land in your CRM and he’s ready to join your marketing conversion funnel. For the next weeks, you’ll nurture him with more useful content and warm him up on the path to eventually buying.

Investing in the valuable content will always pay off – with a good promotion strategy your potential customers will find them and take an interest in your company on their own.

Generating answers and solutions that solve their problems, you bring them closer to become your leads. Fueling them you fuel yourself.

What Are the Popular Lead Generation Tactics?

I’m sure that the general concept behind the lead generation is clear now. Now, before you plan your activities, you have to answer two questions carefully. Who are your users? Which marketing activities will attract them to your website and make them want more?

Only with that knowledge you’ll be able to plan your activities on proper channels.

Here’s a couple of lead generation tactics that will help you drive the traffic to your website and get lots of valuable leads:

Content Marketing


Provide your potential customers with the information they’re looking for.

Learn more

Affiliate Marketing


Grow your network and let others promote your value to their customers.

Learn more



Let the users find you easily in search engines by optimizing your website.

Learn more

Online Presence


Make use of every customer touch point opportunity and promote your brand across the web.

Learn more

Live chat support


Solve your customers’ issues in the real-time and get their contact details via pre-chat survey.

Learn more

Email Marketing


Get personal with your prospects by messaging them directly into their mailbox.

Learn more

Curious how these activities may look in practice? We have a great blog post with the examples of great lead generation strategies used by some companies.

Bring more leads to your business right now!

We’ve prepared a stack of goodies for a complete lead generation process

Lead Generation Tools by LiveChat include Success Kit with lead generation workflow, checklist and email templates ready to use by Lead Generation Companies

What’s inside

  • Email templates that will get you leads
  • 10 golden rules of cold email checklist
  • Step by step lead generation workflow
  • Deals on top lead generation services

Should you keep your marketing in-house or hire a lead generation company?

Adding lots of new tasks to your marketing Trello doesn’t freak you out? Go for trying the in-house approach. Be aware though: you’ll need a lot of work hours to cover the research, analysis, strategy planning and execution. If time is not the luxury you can afford, you can always give your sales team external support.

No matter if you’re a startup or a business veteran. Sometimes a little help from a lead generation company may be exactly what your business needs to get the right traction.

Needing help with building a contact base, pumping your SEO, executing a content strategy or taking care of your live chat support? They’ll be thrilled to do it for you. However, you need to prepare yourself to spend some, sometimes serious, budget on their services. Lead generation companies that create quality leads can be quite expensive.

What solution is best for your business?



Ask yourself a few questions. How do I generate leads now? What is the value I can offer to my customers? Next, think what you can do or improve to make your leads fly.

Want to know how to turn your website into a lead generation machine?

Do it on your own



Don’t want to engage your team in some marketing tasks? You can always trust one of lead generation companies.

They will work their best to find new ways to attract a user, build a relationship and then—turn him into a lead for your business.

Hire a pro company

How to find the best lead generation companies?

Lead generation companies offer a variety of services aimed to help you find more customers. Do you know what area you might be needing help with? It’s time to prepare your brief and start looking for the best partner that will help you grow your business.

How do you find one? Start with asking your friends and professional network on Linkedin. You can also browse the Internet in search for recommendations. It’s always a good idea to check business service recommendation websites like Basing on portfolio and customer reviews, they put market leaders in one place, where you can find your partner.

For the busiest of you we compiled some of our trusted companies into a list:

  • The Chat Shop – a lead generation company that will take care of your customer service with chat and email support.
  • LiveChat Service – a lead generation company that will help you increase your sales via chat management and customer service advisory.
  • DeskMoz – 24×7 Live Chat Agents – a lead generation company offering full customer service outsourcing.
  • Finnchat – a lead generation company specialised in Nordics and DACH -markets that will help you give your website’s visitors best customer experience. They care about hiring the agents with different areas of expertise for an ideal match to your industry.
  • CrowdChat – a lead generation company that provides complete online communication support. Not only via website’s live chat but also with social media channels and email.
  • LeadChat – a lead generation company with over 50 agents ready to answer your customers’ questions 24/7.
  • Ageno – a lead generation company offering a wide range of services. They include live chat implementation, SEO optimization, and Magento implementations.
  • Digital Resource – A Florida based lead generation company that provides full digital marketing services including SEO, social media marketing, web design, PPC, Facebook Advertising, Live Chat Management and content creation? They offer free marketing consultations.
  • AreaTen – a lead generation company with a reasonable range of services. They will drive traffic to your website and, then, assist the visitors during their session with live chat support.
  • SurgeStream – a full-service lead generation company that specializes in website traffic strategies. They develop them after conducting deep website audits.

Lead generation is a tricky part that requires lots of creativity, but your efforts definitely can’t stop there.

Make sure, that each of your leads gets the best customer service possible. There’s nothing like mouth-to-mouth recommendations of your happy customers. It is a perfectly natural and effort-free way to gain new leads.

Want to make sure you’re making best out of your customer support? Consider training your team, so that they could create the best experience for your customers.


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