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Livechat: Double Opt-in for Mailchimp
11 November 2015

Double Opt-in for Mailchimp

We’ve made a small but important update to the Mailchimp integration that will lift the quality of your mailing lists. You can now ask subscribers to confirm their email addresses using the double opt-in process.

The double opt-in, is not only ethical but also makes your campaigns more effective by targeting only interested readers who actually open and click through your emails. You may not be getting as many subscribers, but the good news is that their engagement is bound to be higher.

The setup is very easy. Simply go to the Mailchimp integration page in your LiveChat panel, tick the double opt-in box and hit save changes to finalize.

From now on, all users who sign up for your newsletters will be sent a follow-up email asking to confirm their subscription.

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