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Customers expect support for products they buy. Besides that simple fact, nothing is obvious or given about customer service. In Support we cover the best ways to improve the customer experience and make sure your customers come back for more.

4 Types of Difficult Customers on Chat and How to Deal with Them

No matter how extraordinary a service you provide, somewhere along the way you will meet difficult customers. We know something about it. Difficult customers are as inevitable as cold and rainy autumn after a nice and warm summer. You just have to deal with it, best by preparing... read more

6 minutes
Feb 17, 2016

Be Like Disney: Best Customer Service Training Ideas

Poor customer experience is more expensive than we think. 78% of consumers won’t make a purchase in your store if they’ve had a bad experience in the past. And, as you can expect, it’s not easy to compensate these customers for it. They will usually need 12 positive experiences... read more

7 minutes
Feb 15, 2016

6 Things You Need to Know About Multi Channel Customer Service

The way companies and customers interact with each other gets more and more interesting each year. The times when you could contact a company on a single channel only are long gone. Now, a customer contacting a company can pick any channel and expect the same level of service... read more

11 minutes
Dec 3, 2015

How To Deal With Rude Customers and Remain Calm

A customer is a very difficult creature to deal with. Sometimes it’s a nice old lady, asking questions with an apologetic smile. Sometimes a cheerful student looking for the cheapest offer. A young woman with a toddler sleeping in her arms. And sometimes it’s Sauron,... read more

8 minutes
Nov 12, 2015

How Buffer Offers Great Customer Service

When we want to improve, we look for good examples. And if you want to improve your customer service, it’s hard to find a better example than Buffer. Want to learn from the best? See what they do, how they do it and what makes Buffer customer service so darn good. Connect with... read more

6 minutes
Nov 5, 2015

Customer Support Quotes That You Should Remember

I don’t think I would be wrong by saying that we all want to get better at customer service. After all, we should all strive for the best customer satisfaction. This quick read will get you closer to the customers’ mindset. It will help you understand their way of thinking, so... read more

4 minutes
Nov 2, 2015

Great Customer Service Quotes and What You Can Learn From Them

We don't always have time to read long, insightful articles. Sometimes all we need is a few words that precisely express what we know, believe and think. Quotes have that power. They can sum up an idea perfectly, while numbers only tell part of the story. Here are some great... read more

4 minutes
Sep 21, 2015

The Great Premium Support Hoax

We often get asked through our chat if we charge anything for weekend support. It’s always really strange, because it’s business as usual for us. Our team is prepared to handle enquiries 24/7/365 for every customer. We get asked this often because customers are used to having to... read more

4 minutes
Aug 19, 2015

How to Make Social Media Customer Service Easier

Did you know that your website is not the only place where you can place your live chat? And I’m not talking about our Facebook integration. You can extend the reach of your live chat customer service well beyond the pages of your website. You can have people starting a chat... read more

5 minutes
Aug 12, 2015

Improve Communication Skills for Customer Service

You can upgrade your good customer service to great by speeding up your support. After all, fast communication is one of the most important customer service skills. It’s all about scale. Once you get everything right when talking to one customer, it’s time to do it with six other... read more

13 minutes
Jul 30, 2015

What is CQ and why is it essential for successful customer support

The ability to stay cool when situation becomes challenging requires a great degree of personal control. But, what’s most important in today’s customer service environment is not just how well a frontline rep can handle one particular challenging interaction, but how well he can... read more

11 minutes
Jul 15, 2015

Trollbusters: How to Deal with Unwanted Chats

The internet is a great place for people who like to be a pain in the butt. Trolls send malicious messages and leave silly comments, hoping to drive people crazy and enjoy their frustrations. Trolls want to upset your agents with the things they write and expect strong, emotional... read more

6 minutes
Jun 1, 2015

Customer Frustrations and How to Avoid Them

We are all customers. And we all get angry with similar things, mostly with bad customer service. However, for some reason, we rarely draw any conclusion from it. If you want to improve your service, you need to draw conclusions from other companies bad service and make changes... read more

7 minutes
Feb 6, 2015