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Speed up the recruitment process
by chatting with candidates

More candidates finish
the application process after chats

When applying for a job, candidates need to successfully fill an application out. Quite often, they give up along the way as the whole process is complicated and takes a lot of time. Offering assistance over chat makes it easier for them to go through the application and finish it up.

Instead of abandoning the application process because it was too difficult, candidates have someone on the other end who can help them finish the application.

– Ellen Garcia, Web & UX Design Lead at Headway

Encourage candidates
to apply for a particular job

Start a chat with candidates who are undecided on job description sites. Help them choose the right career path and apply for a job right away.

Create better
candidate experience

Human to human interaction creates better experience for candidates. When chatting, they see an agent’s real picture which makes the contact more personal. They also rest easy knowing they can get help right off the bat.

Candidates love our chat! It puts them at ease when there is a live human being on the other end of the computer who can readily answer their myriad of questions.

– Ellen Garcia, Web & UX Design Lead at Headway

Connect candidates
directly with the
right people

LiveChat allows candidates to choose the type of inquiry they want to discuss and connects them with the right person.

When candidates need more information about the job they’re applying to, they can speak directly with the recruitment coordinator. In case of any technical issues, they can talk with a support agent right away.

Measure how many
candidates completed
the application

You can set up a goal for completed applications and track how many chats end with the desired effect. You will know how many applicants convert into potential employees after chat.

We set up a goal for completed applications. We wanted the candidates we talked to, to complete an application, thus making that the most important thing. We also doubled our application rate through using LiveChat on our application pages.

– Ellen Garcia, Web & UX Design Lead at Headway

Gather leads
after hours

When you’re offline, you can continue to gather leads using the chat window. Use LiveChat to allow potential customers book meetings with you and respond to them later on.

We have used configured LiveChat to book demonstrations even when we are not online by changing the standard text asking customers not to leave a message but to book meetings – this works really well.

– Sat Sindhar, Managing Director at People

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