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Reach the best prospects on your
ecommerce website and guide them to a sale

Customers buy more after chats

Offering advice over chat makes it easier for your customers to make a purchase. Customers treated with good service make bigger orders!

before chat

after chat

Thanks to the live chat, the index of conversion of visitors to real buyers has grown essentially while the number of emails sent to our support team decreased by more than 10%.

– Anna Zakharchenko, Head of Sales Department, Depositphotos

Measure sales

See which chats end up with a sale. You will know exactly how many of your website visitors convert to customers after a chat.


Connect LiveChat to other tools you are already using, like Shopify. This will help you grow your audience and give you access to additional information about customers.


See which page your customer is currently viewing to provide more information about a product and help the customer make a decision.

Targeted approach
to sales

Instead of approaching all visitors with the same, generic pitch, LiveChat will automatically connect you with potential customers using messages that are tailored to their interests.

One of the features we like most is being able to set specific chat greetings based on the current page address. These invitations have a 30% higher chat interaction rate, and result in a 5% increase in conversion rate.

– Kyle Therriault, VP of Internet Strategy & Business Development at

Help several customers
at the same time

Don’t waste sales opportunities by making your customers wait for you to pick up the phone. LiveChat allows you to offer information on your products to several customers at the same time.

We’ve had many customers tell us how much they enjoy being able to chat with our product specialists opposed to having to pick up the phone, or wait several hours for an email response.

– Kyle Therriault, VP of Internet Strategy & Business Development at

Flexible solution
for sales and support

You don’t need two tools to do the same job in your sales and support departments. Potential customers need more information on your ongoing promotions? Transfer them to your sales department. Somebody needs to make a return? Handle the chat over to your support department.

We use LiveChat for both support and sales. We love the groups feature because we have areas on the website that direct customers to either chat with a support agent or a styling agent.

– Jamie Goldstein, Marketing Coordinator at Warby Parker

Quick installation

The installation is so simple that you can close your
first chat transactions minutes after signing up for a trial.

Implementation was a breeze. I can’t think of any other 3rd party platform that we use that was as easy and quick to implement as LiveChat was.

– Jamie Goldstein, Marketing Coordinator at Warby Parker

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