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Looking for Intercom alternative?

You’ve just found the one. Try LiveChat and start providing better customer service while cutting your costs.

Provide even better support for half of the price

Intercom with its Messages and Inbox Standard plan focuses on providing live chat customer support. So does LiveChat, but for half of Intercom’s price, within one product and with extra built-in ticketing system, no user tiers, triggered messages, real-time view of visitor’s typing and many more. That’s an easy math to do. Don’t overpay and try Intercom alternative.

LiveChat – Intercom alternative with built-in ticketing system

Built-in ticketing system comes in handy

Every time when you cannot help visitor instantly or you’re offline, don’t miss a chance to help your customer. Solve those cases with LiveChat built-in ticketing system.

Tickets help you gather all non-chat queries like email or Twitter and manage them in more convenient and effective way than as general chat lists.

Don’t pay more as you grow

LiveChat will not charge you more when you exceed 250 chatting users on your website like Intercom. The price is based on number of active agents working at the same time.

As from our experience, a single agent can help up to 2500 users monthly. That’s ten times more than in Intercom limit, still with no extra fees.

LiveChat – Intercom alternative with canned responses

Be a step ahead of your customer

Prepare yourself for any question your visitor might have before it’s sent. With Messages Sneak-peek you can actually see what your visitor is typing on his keyboard. Use this great feature to increase your customer service effectiveness and serve customers better.

LiveChat and Intercom
core features comparison

Check what features makes LiveChat a great alternative to Intercom.

LiveChat Intercom
Plan Team Inbox + Messages Standard
Price/month $39/agent $87/250 unique chat users
3rd party integrations 100+ 100+
Target and trigger messages by visitor’s search engine’s search Yes No
Message Sneak-peek Yes No
24/7 Customer Support Yes No
Built-in ticketing system Yes No
Visitors details Yes Yes
Mobile apps Yes Yes
Custom goals Yes Yes
Messages from email, in-app, website Yes Yes
Agents grouping Yes Yes
Reports & Statistics Yes Yes
Performance statistics Yes Yes
Manual and automated chats assignment Yes Yes
Branding removal Yes Yes
Agent roles management Yes Yes
Intercom alternative – LiveChat agent app

Try LiveChat for 14 days for free, no credit card required

Work with LiveChat for a few weeks and see on your own
why it’s the best Intercom alternative. Contrary to Intercom, you don’t need to provide credit card to try out LiveChat.

Need more? Meet LiveChat Enterprise

If you own entire customer support department and you require more advanced set of tools, we’ve got you covered.

With Enterprise plan you are served with Advanced Reports & Statistics, Work scheduler, Staffing prediction tool and many more.

LiveChat as Intercom alternative

LiveChat delivers best live chat and customer service software. To maximize the effectiveness of live chat, we do not divide our software into separately priced products like Intercom does with its Messages and Inbox products.

At LiveChat you get the complete set of tools that serve your entire customer service needs within one product and one pricing. Those tools cover all Intercom products related to messaging and on-site marketing with more advanced features and ticketing system in addition. Those advantages make LiveChat #1 alternative to Intercom.

Start free LiveChat trial!

5-minute setup, test out the Team plan features for 14 days, no credit card required.