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Law Enforcement

This section is for law enforcement and other government agencies or authorities seeking records and information from LiveChat, Inc. and its affiliates.

Requests for customer or user information

In accordance with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, information about Customers and their users is not released to any other person or entity, except as lawfully required by appropriate legal process (such as a valid subpoena, search warrant, court order, or other valid legal process). 

In each case we will review the legality of the request for data disclosure, in particular whether it remains within the powers granted to the requesting public authority, and to challenge the request if, after careful assessment, we conclude that there are reasonable grounds to consider that the request is unlawful under applicable obligations under law (including international law) and principles of international comity. 

Upon receipt of the appropriate legal request and after its verification, we will search for and disclose data and information that is specified and that we are reasonably able to locate and retrieve. 

We are unable to process overly broad or vague requests. If you fill out the legal request for data disclosure, please include as much specific information as possible that would identify the relevant accounts at our Services.

Contact information for law enforcement

Law enforcement and other government agencies or authorities may submit requests by sending an email at: support@livechat.com.

We do our best to respond promptly and as soon as possible. Currently, our minimum response time is 60 days from receipt of a legal request. Submissions received by mail result in inherent delays and additional processing time. Thus we encourage you to use email. If serving a legal process by mail, please serve us via the address pointed below.

Note that acceptance of legal process by any of these means is for convenience and does not waive any objections, including, but not limited to, lack of jurisdiction or proper service.

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