Night Shifts at Customer Service Department

Dear Support Heroes,

How do you prepare yourself to work night shifts?
Can you share your advice on how to work effectively the whole night :night_with_stars:?

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When we Hiring people we asking if they are good with night shifts.
Lot of people love working at Night shift.

In night shift we offer staff Free food and sneaks.

we also have a relax room with Xbox and Kinect.

We use Dashboard’s and when there lot of call/chat that help’s agent to go on the break at necessary time.


Sometimes in night there are no chat and calls and we giving agent all tools to stay relaxed.

Do you hire agents who are working only during the night shifts?

Nope, But we are filtering based on how like’s to work and night shifts and who prepare to work in day shift’s.

I Think dividing night and day shift’s with staff it’s little bit unfair.

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We do actually have Night Shift but we use Live Chat as a tool for the whole Support department.
The Night Shift agent usually has to do some extra checks for the daily operations since he/she has more free time without getting interrupted from the email flow.
Generally it is really helpful to have a checklist so once the daily tasks are done (preferably always at the beginning of the shift) then the person can spend time either learning something new, or finding something interesting to do.

It is also easier in case of rotation shifts, to do the whole week as night instead of rotating on a daily basis.
This is much more effective and keeps the night shift more concentrated.


“we also have a relax room with Xbox and Kinect.”
:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

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Our staff love’s to play Just Dance.

It Really good to relax.

That would be me in the middle of the night.