After Hours Messenger and Out of Office Replies


We are new to Live Chat and we have a question.

When a customer is leaving an after hours/no agent logged in message and other agents or admins are out of the office. The customer will receive an out of office email reply. Are there any best practices? Perhaps creating a new email address?

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.


Hello and welcome to LiveChat! :slight_smile:

The only automated e-mail sent from LiveChat in that case would be a new ticket notification that you can disable in Settings > Ticket Settings > Email notifications, here’s a screenshot:

However, there may also be a case when your agents have an Auto responder set up on their e-mail and enabled notifications about New Tickets in LiveChat. With such set-up your clients may receive the auto-responder from agents email after creating a ticket in LiveChat. In that case you can disable the notifications sent from LiveChat for each of your Agents. You can do that by editing their profile settings and unticking the option “New Ticket emails”, here’s a screenshot as well:

Hope that helps, but if you have any further questions I’ll gladly answer :slight_smile:

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We’ve done what j.pyzio suggested and none of our Agents receive an email when there is a ticket submitted. We do have one of our Agents tasked with checking and replying to the tickets every morning when she logs on, so there is no need for the email reminders to be sent out!

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