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Satisfy your customers

Why LiveChat: Help those who need it

Help those who need it

Get in touch with people on your website and point them in the right direction.

Most cases are resolved on the spot

8 out of 10 times you won’t even have to follow up since the case has been resolved during chat.

See how good you’re getting at customer service

Get a grade at the end of each chat and constantly improve the quality of your support.

Why LiveChat: Ratings

LiveChat does the heavy lifting phone and email can’t handle

Get rid of long queues and surprise customers with instant answers.

Why LiveChat:

Increase your bottom line

Why LiveChat:

There are customers waiting on your site, right now.

Discover new opportunities by approaching customers directly on your site.

Clear the way to checkout for customers

Stop losing customers during checkout by guiding them as soon as difficulties arise.

Why LiveChat:
Why LiveChat:

“LiveChat leads bring in additional $65000 of business each month.”

Nate Johnson,

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Keep track of your performance

Speed up your customer service

Measure the speed of your responses and work towards instantaneous service.

Increase your customer happiness ratings

Track your progress and never stop
improving your customer

Discover customer service superstars

Spot support team leaders and encourage your team to match up to them.


Provide efficient customer service

Set up once, get hundreds of chats every day

Spend just a few minutes to get it going and reap immediate benefits.

Save money
chatting with
several people at a time

One LiveChat agent talks with 10 times more people than a phone agent.

Why LiveChat: Scoreboard

Chat on your desktop and mobile

Close cases in your office, while commuting and from home using LiveChat apps.

Easy to pick up, hard to work without

Make LiveChat your go-to customer service tool within minutes.

Secure like a bank vault

We’ll make sure that only you have access to any data related to your chats.

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