Use LiveChat to conduct online surveys

Learn how to make better and faster
data-driven decisions

Why do you need
an online survey?

Surveys are super valuable tools for collecting visitors data, feedback, and monitoring their experience. They help you to tell who your website visitors are, how they like you, and how to improve their happiness!

Chat surveys can help you to personalize customer experience and a survey widget will let you to gain customer insights and understand the context of your data.

Pre-chat survey –
personalized customer experience

Pre-chat survey is a custom online form which your visitors complete before engaging in a live chat session. It gives you a great opportunity to collect your website visitor’s details and offering them personal customer experience tailored for their needs.

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Post chat survey –
the gold mine of information

Get to know what your customers think about their experience with you! Ask them specific questions about the service, introduce a rating system or simply ask your customers to let you know what they think about your brand.

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Chat survey reports

Whenever a visitor leaves a filled out survey, this information will be stored in chat survey reports. The answers are coupled with charts, so you can easily see the trends among your customers and their pain points.

As you don’t have to manually browse through archives, it makes it much easier to take action and take customer experience to a higher level.

What information you
should ask for?

There are several questions you should ask your customers in your online survey. The most important are your visitor’s name and email address, because you need it to identify a customer and follow up later.

An amazing way of learning about your customer’s experience is asking if their problem was resolved, if the solution met their expectations and how do they rate their experience.

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