It’s Christmas Time – Best Christmas Ads of 2018

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Dec 11, 2018
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Heathrow Bears Best Christmas Ads of 2018

The Christmas time is coming!

Among us, there are two kinds of people: those who love Christmas and… Yes, Grinches. Grinches like to grumble about the holiday decorations and songs, about crowds of people, about the fact that they need to buy gifts, or because they hate cleaning.

And me? I’m definitely the Christmas-lover! Singing “Last Christmas” since September and looking forward to the Wroclaw Christmas Market opening while listening to Frank Sinatra Christmas songs! This is the time of the year when I can feel like a child again and many people feel the same way.

I’m writing this post for those who share my love for Christmas lights and mulled wine. After a couple of years break, I’m coming back with the best Christmas ads of 2018.

Wroclaw Christmas Market Best Christmas Ads of the 2018
Wroclaw Christmas Market

#1. Elton John Lewis

John Lewis is said to be the king of holiday commercials. Every consecutively year, their ads bring the company tons of views, shares, attention, and recognition as a result.

Two years ago, their #BusterTheBoxer gained almost 28 million views on YouTube and was the #1 ad of the year. In 2017, their #MozTheMonster gained “only” over 10 million views, but again, it was the #1 of the year.

The expectations for this year were, well, quite high. So what the company did? They hired Elton John (for £5million if you really need to know).

To be honest, I’m not sure what to think about it.

It’s already the #1 ad of this year (it's the most mentioned and the second most shared ad of the year), but why? Is it the Elton John magic I don’t feel? Or is it just the lack of better ads this year (seriously, there are only a few good ads this year)?

If you like this commercial, let me know in the comments WHY. And meanwhile, check out Sir Elton John Lewis!

#2. Waitrose #TooGoodToWait

Before we get to my favorite ad from Waitrose, let’s see what’s the general concept behind it.

Too good to wait, right? We all get that.

So, Waitrose has published three episodes of #TooGoodToWait: “Concert” (the one above), “Mistletoe” and… yes, and “Fast Forward” I love the most. Just get ready for it.

Brilliant, right?!

There a couple of reasons why I love this ad: it’s really cheeky and might be seen as insolent for some. I loved it so much because (as you know), I don’t really like too serious, eye-watering ads.

But another reason is that Waitrose is the part of the John Lewis company what makes this video basically a self-roasting ad. Love it!

#3. Curry’s PC World: The Magic of Christmas Upgraded

Ever wondered how a Victorian England would look like if modern technology was invented earlier? Now you can see it with your own eyes!

Although I don’t really think that the technology can upgrade the real magic of Christmas, I do like to listen to Frank Sinatra so let’s say I’m OK with the message.

But I don’t think the Scrooge agree.

#4. Aldi - Kevin the Carrot and the Wicked Parsnip

If I told you that this holiday’s hero is the carrot, would you believe me?

You should!

Kevin the Carrot is a cute animated character who first appeared in the Aldi Christmas advert in 2016. Since then, Kevin stars in every holiday campaign they create, to the delight of his fans.

This year, Aldi also introduced Kevin’s evil opponent - the wicked Parsnip. At the same time (as every year), the company introduced to its stores the toy of Kevin. It went on sales on Nov the 22nd, it was completely sold out literally a couple of days later.

To make things even more Christmassy, Aldi also published an ad that mimics the Coca-Cola’s classic commercial and that lefts us on a… well, a cliff-hanger.

We’ll see what comes up next!

#5. #HeathrowBears

What is Christmas about? About family!

And what’s the best gift? Coming home, of course!

This simple message looks really cute in Heathrow's holiday ad. For the third time we can watch how Edward and Doris Bair choose their family over… well, over the retirement village “Sunny Days.”

Maybe the real message of this ad says “buy Christmas gifts on Heathrow airport” (sounds a bit “last minute” to me), the whole ad is cute and I love Paul Young’s song!

Honorable mention: Iceland Foods - #NoPalmOilChristmas

OK, so when you hear that something was banned from tv, you immediately think “what’s wrong with it?” Don’t worry though, this ad was banned for breaching political ad rules only.

Iceland Foods partnered with Greenpeace to create a video about the destruction of the rainforest by palm oil growers and tells a story of a Rang-tan, an endangered orangutan whose home is destroyed. This messaging is in line with Iceland's commitment to remove palm oil from its own-label food by the end of 2018.

Seriously, just how awesome is that? If you remember how much I admire Patagonia for their commitment to saving the environment, you won’t be surprised that I love this message too!

And the best thing is, this short animation blew the other ads in terms of shares and mentions, despite the fact it didn’t appear on TV.

Best Christmas ads of 2018

If you asked me how this year is doing if comes to Christmas ads, I can only say: it’s fine. Although there are nice ads (you’ve just seen them) I’m not really impressed by the rest of them.

We all know that Christmas is supposed to be about family, friends and good emotions (and gifts and food, but shhh), but some ads were just trying too hard to move us to tears. Others were just too loud and too crazy (but not good-crazy).

Summing up, this year was OK, but we want better ads in 2019. Do your best, retailers!

P.S. I also need to mention that I did like the KFC’s holiday ad. It’s nicely done, I do empathize with the chicken and I do like the Red Dead Redemption 2 reference. What I don’t like is that I have in mind that this likable bird would probably finish as a deep-fried chicken. Yikes!

P.S.2. Happy holidays, guys! And let me know in the comments which ads you liked the most (and what is so special about Elton John Lewis ;).