Wrocław, Poland

6:00 PM | February 17th, 2017

LiveChat Product Meetup

Creating the future of chat


“Building a SaaS application is easy.” – said no one ever.

We know how difficult it is to transform an idea into an application that will bring you thousands of customers. We learnt a lot during these years and now, for the first time in LiveChat history, we want to share this knowledge with you!

During the first edition of LiveChat Product Meetup, we will team up to dispel myths about how to create a SaaS application.

You already know that, in order to build an app, you need to work your fingers to the bone. We will show you how to design a product from A to Z: how to identify needs of your customers, how to code your ideas, how to avoid common UX mistakes and how to build a marketing strategy.

Our aim is to turn every product apprentice into product artisan, so what is there to think about? Sign up!


Event date

Friday, February 17th 2017, from 6:00 PM till 10:00 PM


We’ll cover UX, Development, Marketing and Customer Service. Details will be published soon.


al. Dębowa 3, Wrocław (See in Google Maps)

Entry fee

Event is free of charge.


Meetup is organized by LiveChat.


What’s in it for you?

Well, you’ll meet like-minded people who are passionate about Silicon Valley entrepreneurship. During 9 lectures, you will have an opportunity to exchange knowledge, discuss current trends and meet specialists from different fields.

As we all know, the exchange of ideas makes people hungry. But don’t worry! As soon as the official part is over, we will make sure that we don’t run out of pizza and beer.


Note: Each session will be followed by Q&A. Talks during one session will be held simultaneously in different rooms, you can choose freely.

6:00 PM


6:15 PM

Session #1

  • Marcin Borowski, Support Hero

    Support Heroes, not Agents

    There are many misconceptions regarding the work of support agents. I will dig into the everyday work of a Support Hero.

  • Grzegorz Wyszynski, Software Developer

    Why your gut instinct doesn’t matter

    Debugging of distributed system. Author will explain why debugging based on facts is the only way to find real cause of a problem.

  • Jedrzej Bogacki, Web Developer

    SEO the LiveChat way

    How we got 126% more organic traffic in 12 months and what we’ve learned from it.

7:20 PM

Session #2

  • Bartlomiej Kubiak & Kamil Drazkiewicz, Software Engineers

    Why you should Go?

    Find out why Google created the Go programming language and how we adapted it for LiveChat.

  • Michal Fiech, Chief Growth Hacker

    What the heck is this “Growth Hacking”?!

    A quick tale on how T-shape Marketers hacked the businesses growth and why its the Pirates who keep it all intact. You’ll find out how growth hacking helped Uber or Dropbox and why LiveChat has chosen the same path.

  • Jakub Swierczak, Customer Success Manager

    Customer Success – moving from passive support to proactive approach

    What are the pros and cons of proactive customer approach? How to measure success in Customer Success? How to build relation with customers – from SMB to Fortune500? Is a customer really always right?

8:25 PM

Session #3

  • Mateusz Burzyński, JavaScript Developer

    Take care of a product, nurture the open source

    How changing a personal and group mindset could benefit both. Build better product by sharing with others.

  • Darek Zabrzenski, Head of R&D

    Artificial Intelligence and text classification

    How language affects text classification and why correct classification is, in fact, complicated. The author will present examples of use that have been implemented in LiveChat.

  • Karolina Urbanska, Product Owner
    Agnieszka Ksiazczyk, VP of People
    Bartosz Olchowka, CTO

    Ask Me Anything

    AMA is a great opportunity to ask LiveChat experts about everything you want: from product-related questions to artificial intelligence problems. It’s a great chance to exchange knowledge and learn a couple of LiveChat tricks!

9:30 PM

Networking with Beer n’ Snacks

Al. Dębowa 3, Wrocław
See in Google Maps
6:00 PM
February 17th, 2017


We’re a team of 70 passionate people developing and supporting the most efficient and easy-to-use live chat software for business. What we enjoy the most is seeing our customers’ businesses grow with the help of our product.

That’s why we’ve created LiveChat – an application that enables the visitors on your site to chat live with your customer support. It’s a solution dedicated for e-commerce and customer care.

Our mission is to deliver fast and simple communication between e-commerce owners and best prospects on their websites and to make online sales process easier.

Sneak peek of LiveChat’s new platform Sneak peek of LiveChat’s new platform