Agent Development Package
Agent Development Package
You’ve got your live chat service up and running, now it’s time to fine-tune the engines and we’ve got the tools to help!
$299.95 per license
Developed by The Chat Shop
Works with   LiveChat

So you’ve laid the groundwork, and the chats are coming in. What now?

A live chat service is more than just the basics, and our Agent Development Package will delve into some of the nuts and bolts that will help you get the best out of your service, with a particular focus on coaching and improving agent quality.

Some things can only be learned with practice - but we’ve got years of that, and we’re willing to share the secrets!

Perfect for:

  • Businesses new to using live chat who want to set their agents up for success.
  • Businesses moving chat to internal teams for the first time.
  • Businesses with an established team looking for guidance on improving their team performance.

Why train with us? The Chat Shop is one of the market leaders in LiveChat customer service, with over 8 years of experience helping businesses of all sizes deliver live chat support. We’ve distilled our years of experience in tailoring live chat to match a business’ needs into this beginner’s package to help you get on your feet - and we’ve got the kind of advice, tips and tricks you can only learn after taking more than 2 million chats (and counting!).

Key Features

What’s covered in training:
The basics - You’ll get access to everything in our Beginner’s Package video: basic operations, archives, chat handling and reporting.
Reports & archives

LiveChat has a wealth of reporting options that can be used to monitor agents quality and coach progress in a million ways - we’ll show you the ropes and give you a thorough grounding in how to use data day to day to improve your team’s performance.

Chat skills 101
LiveChat is nothing without great agents - and that’s where we’re the experts! We’ll give you all the guidance, tips and tricks on how to coach agents to hit targets, handle multiple chats, engage with your customers and handle tricky customers. Whether you’re looking for sales, bookings, leads, tech support or something else entirely, we’ve got the experience.


Virtual Training Delivery
Training takes place in a single, interactive video call so your whole team can join no matter where they're located.
Immediate results guaranteed
Upskill your team in just two hours and reap the rewards of having an advanced team from the first moment.
Training from LiveChat's #1 rated expert partner
Learn tips and best practices from LiveChat's #1 rated partner and tap into knowledge gained from 9 years and over 2 million chats worth of experience.

Tutorial & Support

To get help and support contact The Chat Shop. You can also suggest improvements or request new features in the upcoming versions of Agent Development Package.
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