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Make live chat customer service a part of your web hosting business

One solution for
sales and support

LiveChat works well both during the pre-sales process on your main page and after conversion inside an account panel or on your support page.

We use LiveChat to serve two primary functions: as a pre-sales channel on our corporate website and for existing customers inside our control panel. This gives us the flexibility to capture potential customers who may have quick product related questions and route customer inquiries to our Customer Support (CS) team.

– TJ Stein, Director of Customer Support at (mt) MediaTemple

Be ready for
the next question

LiveChat gives you a head start when it comes to answering clients. You will be able to see what they are writing before they send it over, giving you some extra time to prepare your answer.

If a particular response has to be repeated often, you can store for later use too, which makes answering even tough web hosting-related questions easy.

Chat with Matthew
Andrew White
Hello Matthew! How may I help you?

One of our favorite features is the Message Sneak-Peek. When assisting our customers it allows us to start investigating their issue and answer them quickly.

– Alissa Castillo, Support Tech Lead at Simple Helix

Stop fraud attempts

By using the geo-location data you will be able to notice if the person you are chatting with is trying to impersonate one of your clients.

Seeing how someone writes their answer before sending it comes extra handy for detecting these fraudulent activities targeting your clients’ servers.

Message preview helped us spot fraud orders in which the customer changes their story about why their card location and their GeoIP location, as shown in LiveChat, differ.

– Jonathan Yarbor, Lead Developer at NodeCraft

See exactly how many
agents you need

You don’t have to guess how many agents you need for your shifts. LiveChat will suggest how many agents are required to answer the predicted number of chats.

Display your data
in LiveChat using the API

Connect LiveChat to your database to display information about the customer’s latest order, billing plan or used services right in the chat window.

Want to gather more data? Feel free to use the API to get all the information you and your web hosting business needs.

The API is a must-have feature for us. We use the API to pull in data for chat ratings, handle time and survey results. Using the API, we’re also able to forecast staffing needs to keep our queue times down to a minimum.

– TJ Stein, Director of Customer Support at (mt) MediaTemple

Our support is available 24/7

We fully understand your need to provide support at all times. After all, we do it too. If you need anything, you can contact our support at any hour, on any day of the week.

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