Provide 24/7 Support
for Players Around the World

Help players while they play

There are players on your platform who need support right now! You don’t want them to lose a bet because they’re on the phone with you. They expect the issue to be resolved without interrupting their game.

LiveChat support allows them to continue playing and get the help they need.

Solve issues with money deposits in real-time

Customers often have issues with money deposits, end up frustrated, and then go to another platform. You can keep them on your website by immediately offering support. Invite them to a chat and solve their case.

Why would they go somewhere else if you can take care of them when they need it most?

Adjust your support for different customer issues

Different customer issues require different approaches to support. With LiveChat, you can fine-tune your support to meet all your users' needs. New players need guidance with betting and confidence with their payments, while professional players need instant help regarding their withdrawals and more.

Transfer each of them to the right department to provide the best possible help.

Offer a unique betting and gaming experience on mobile

People are likely to make bets on mobile, while they’re watching games with friends. You can offer LiveChat support inside your mobile application to enhance the customer experience. This small advantage can be crucial in gaining new customers and retaining them.

There’s no need to go all in just yet...

Optimize your customer service by tagging your chats

Tag your chats to gather them later based on the topics, see the issues that repeat the most and fix them, and provide new agents a faster way to learn.

Handle every problem that comes your way

One small mishap is all it takes for your users to lose their faith in your platform. Are you prepared for every disaster? You can talk with multiple users at once, use canned responses to provide faster support, and handle every crisis right away. This will ensure that your users trust you with their money in the future.

Gain trust through the best kind of transparency

Nothing says trust and transparency better than the willingness to talk to users 24/7. Especially since they’re already on the website and ready to play. Being available to personally address their concerns whenever they need is the best currency.

Communicate in 45 languages to reach players everywhere

You can now greet customers from all over the world in their native language. This not only creates an amazing experience but allows you to reach new players from all over the world.

Integrate with ChatBot

The online gaming industry works 24/7, and so do chatbots! Reduce the need for human staff, lower player support costs and speed up resolution times, all while interacting with customers round the clock.

Michal Haze

Michal Haze

Head of Customer Experience at Kinguin

“The chatbot we’ve created has significantly helped us assist more customers and received mostly positive feedback from the users. We will certainly put more effort in this area and keep on developing bots.”