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How saves thousands on lead generation by using LiveChat

Reaching your customers can be an expensive endeavor, especially when you are paying for each potential lead., a plastic card printing company from Hastings, Minnesota, managed to dramatically cut the costs of acquiring new clients through the use of LiveChat. Read their story to see how they decreased their costs while improving their communication with clients.

“Our goal is to help our clients grow their businesses. Through their success we earn lifetime customers, referrals, and strategic partners. We do this by consulting with our clients regarding their needs and delivering a full solution that fits their business goals.” — Nate Johnson, Marketing Manager at's agent at work

Your brand on a card produces marketing solutions that will boost your brand and can fit in the palm of your hand. “By offering affordable, high quality plastic card products our clients are able to raise the perceived value of their brand and increase their business”, Johnson tells us. If you need a plastic business card, a gift card or a custom shaped card, has the flexibility to “produce anywhere from 1 card to 1,000,000”, he explains.

What’s more, they will also help you design your card! As a service aimed at small to medium sized businesses, will help any company without an in-house designer by providing all the expertise needed to make their plastic card program happen: “To ensure our clients success we have an army of solution oriented customer service staff dedicated to helping our clients,” Johnson informs.

Many big brands such as Starbucks, Mercedes-Benz, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Apple, the NFL, and the NBA already use’s services and many more are joining every day.

Keeping up with communication

When trying to reach a larger number of clients, traditional forms of communication like phone and email can be a little slow and cumbersome. Who has time to wait for a response after they leave a message or send an email? According to Johnson, “customers have moved from primarily communicating via the phone to email, and now from email to chat.”

When you have all it takes to help your clients, however, you get pulled back by all the emails and calls, it all can go to waste: “We have a line of really innovative products and helpful staff that is really second to none. Our problem was we spent our days sending emails and leaving voice mails,” Johnson reports.

Since communicating via chat allows for instant interaction without interruption, decided to give LiveChat a try.

LiveChat implementation and growth

First starting with 1 agent on 1 site, soon expanded their implementation to 5 agents across 5 sites. “Our initial objective was to offer a more convenient way for our clients to reach us,” Johnson says. To reach this goal, used custom invitations on their website that trigger after 20 seconds. According to Johnson, it is the most useful feature: “We started using this feature and are absolutely crushing it.”

Thanks to this new way of engaging customers, managed to significantly raise the number of customer engagements: “Live chat has allowed us to connect with hundreds of additional potential clients each week,” Johnson reports.

Successful results and expansion plans

The implementation of LiveChat on not only increased the number of potential customers engaged every week but also saved a ton of cash that would be normally spend on lead acquisition and advertisement: “Compared to our PPC spending the extra leads we now get easily equal a savings of over $12,800 per month, for the cost of a live chat seat,” Johnson states. He also adds that “These leads bring in an additional $65,000 of business each month,” which is a huge gain for such a small investment.’s LiveChat was a huge hit, and they don’t even think about stopping now. As Johnson reports, they want to further expand their support team: “We are currently looking to add more seats but need to hire employees who can type fast enough and have the right personality”.

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