Spell check

Is there a spell check on livechat?


There’s American English spell check in the desktop app and if you use the browser app you can set up the spell check from your browser.

Hi, can I turn off the spell check? Because, we speak german und the LiveChat App make all words red.

Hi @sue.cronau! Could you please tell me what application you’re using, if it’s desktop or browser app and on what system (Win or Mac)?

Hi, we use LiveChat with the desktop app on a windows system.

Hi @sue.cronau

The case with Windows is that the English spell check is set up by default there and you would need to remove one of the files from the installation folder. It is set by default here:

X:\Program Files (x86)\LiveChat\locales
and once you access that folder please remove the: ‘en-US.pak’
This will disable spellchecked for your desktop app run on Windows.

Hope this helps!

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Great! Thank you! It works :wink:


Good to hear that!
Cheers :slight_smile:

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Hey, is it possible to turn on Eng spell check manually?
LiveChat only checks Russian language but very poor
PS: using the desktop app on Windows

Hey @Joselle, there’s no possibility to turn this on manually – English spell check is turned on by default. Other languages may work, basing on the language set in the system settings, but don’t have to.

If you use two languages, you can change main language input to English.

hope it helps!