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Overtake your competition by offering
automotive customer service via LiveChat

Offer expert automotive customer service

Answer questions about a specific car or automotive part and clear the way to checkout. Customers who are unsure which version of a car part they should get will be able to quickly receive additional information through your chat.

If the customer is unsure which part they need, you can always ask them to send you a photo of their car so that you can pick the fitting part.

Expert automotive customer service

Purchasing the correct automotive part for your exact year, make and model of a vehicle can be complicated. Often, customers need to speak with our product experts to ensure they’re purchasing the correct item. Other times they want to hear our opinions on what will best work for their particular needs or products we personally recommend.

Kyle Therriault, VP of Internet Strategy & Business Development
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Additional information for automotive customer service

Easily follow up with additional information

You don’t have to put the customer on hold when you need extra time to find a specific part. With asynchronous communication, you can easily follow up with the customer after you find the part they need.

All chats and personal details are stored, which allows your sales team to follow up with a pitch via email too.

We have people inquiring about specifics around new and used cars.
The objective is to collate contact details for sales chaps to follow up.

Fast automotive customers service through chat Slow automotive customer service via phone

Quick answers for clients who don’t have the time for calls or emails

Customers often don’t have the time or the possibility to pick up the phone and call you when looking for an automotive part. With LiveChat on your website, they will be able to confirm that a part is available on the part’s page. All it takes is one click and one chat.

You can significantly cut the number of emails you get by offering live chat automotive customer service. Who would want to wait for an answer if you can get it in real time?

Automotive customer service for all departments

All departments in your dealership – from sales, through repairs, to loans – will be able to use LiveChat to help customers.

Whenever a customer comes to your website, you can have them choose the department they want to contact. LiveChat will patch the customer through to the right person.

Efficient automotive customer service through live chat

Extra lanes for your automotive customer service

One chat agent is able to handle the same amount of work as 3-5 phone agents by chatting with several customers at the same time.

As your agents get better at chatting, they will be able to handle even more chats at a time.

On my own I’m able to manage a website with 11,000 monthly visits without any issues. I get some questions about opening hours and service. But mostly it’s people shopping for a car without giving out names and numbers.

Make bigger automotive
sales with LiveChat

Quick answers and good automotive customer service is key to increasing conversions in your dealership.

Using custom chat invitations, you will be able to engage visitors who are almost ready to make a purchase and answer any remaining questions to make a sale.

Customers who use live chat on our site are 4.85x’s more likely to make a purchase. Their per-session value, as measured in Google Analytics, is almost 400% higher than the site average.

Kyle Therriault, VP of Internet Strategy & Business Development
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