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Livechat: LiveChat introduces AI text suggestions
15 March 2023

LiveChat introduces AI text suggestions

The newest addon to your chatting application is here, and it’s all about the newest trend – automation.

AI text suggestions enhance agents’ writing by matching the tones of the messages to the customers’ situations. Thanks to these smart edits, you can rest assured that all messages are in line with your company’s voice!

The automation comes with useful editing tools, allowing you to rephrase, summarize, or expand your messages. It will correct your grammar and spelling mistakes and even generate texts based on your input on the spot!

AI_text_suggestions AI text suggestions can:
  • Change message tones (professional, friendly, casual).
  • Match texts with your company voice.
  • Expand, summarize, and rephrase messages.
  • Automatically correct grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Generate texts based on your input.

Need convincing? The post you’re reading right now was written with AI assistance as well!

Learn how you can benefit from it in LiveChat Help Center.