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Livechat: LiveChat 8.2.7 for Windows
26 February 2016

LiveChat 8.2.7 for Windows

LiveChat app for Windows continues to get better. Today’s release contains a bunch of bug fixes and a few small, but noteworthy interface improvements that enhance the app’s overall look and feel.

LiveChat Smartclient for Windows

Let’s take a sneak peek into what’s new and improved in version 8.2.7

  • Fixed login link: After logging out of the app, it was impossible to log back in with the login link. It would do nothing, but sit there in the corner and annoy you with its unusability. Well, we’ve fixed that (Thanks for letting us know, Sarah!).
  • Improved logs: Now, if you have any problem with your app, you can create a support ticket, attach logs and send it to our support straight from the app. It makes things easier, faster and more convenient for everyone, but let’s hope you won’t need to use this feature all that often.
  • Improved app closing: Closing down and getting going is now easier and more intuitive. Yep, we’ve heard you loud and clear. Clicking the X option in the upper right corner will now close the app instead of minimizing it to tray and staying connected.
  • You may also notice (and hopefully enjoy) improved look of the dialog boxes. They’ve been vamped up for the pure pleasure of looking at pretty things.

Enjoy this update and please let us know if you discover any bugs or just want to share your feedback at: