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Kuba Rogalski

Kuba Rogalski

Content Marketing Specialist, Success

About me

I started my marketing adventure in 2015, and I’ve been working for SaaS companies ever since. Once a community manager, I figured out along the way that writing is my jam, and I call myself a content marketing specialist now. Outside of Success, I’m also the guy behind the LiveChat newsletter.

I spend most of my free time bringing up our little son with my wife, and that’s such a fun ride! In the meantime, I watch lots of football and love playing it myself. Photography is my thing as well, so I carry my camera in my backpack most of the time.

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My articles

How to Master Upselling to Increase Average Order Value

Imagine you're in a meeting, and a vendor presents a software solution. It's good, meets your needs — but then they showcase a version that's not just good but stellar. It has features you didn't know you needed but now can't imagine living without. That's upselling.  But... read more

9 minutes
Sep 8, 2023

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