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Marcos Bravo

Marcos Bravo

Video Creator, Host, and Marketing Veteran, Success

About me

I have the pleasure of being the face of our video section in Success. I’ve been working in marketing and sales for 20 years, and now, I have the chance to share all of my experiences and help you improve yourself and your business. I also host our weekly podcast, Incoming Chat, where I get to talk to amazing entrepreneurs and bring their stories to you.

I was born in Chile but was lucky enough to grow up professionally traveling the world and working for amazing companies and people.

For me, marketing starts at the very foundation of a company, and it works only when the human nature of our business is well understood. Only then you can start building up.

Favorite saying

“It’s not about what you say, it’s about how you say it”

Favorite band

The Ramones

Watch my vidoes

Exceeding Your Customers’ Expectations [Video]

There’s one thing that will make the difference between you and the brand next door, and that’s exceeding customers’ expectations. Learn how to be the first to get it done. watch now

4 min watch
Video Knowledge Pill

We Are Remote First!! [Video]

LiveChat is officially a remote-first company!! A huge cultural change that we wanted to share with you 🙂 watch now

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Video RAW

Understanding the Marketing Funnel [Video]

In another insightful episode, Marcos makes the marketing funnel seem simple and explains what the best way is to distribute your content across the customer journey. watch now

24 min watch
Video Incoming Chat

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