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Marcos Bravo

Marcos Bravo

Video Creator, Host, and Marketing Veteran, Success

About me

I have the pleasure of being the face of our video section in Success. I’ve been working in marketing and sales for 20 years, and now, I have the chance to share all of my experiences and help you improve yourself and your business. I also host our weekly podcast, Incoming Chat, where I get to talk to amazing entrepreneurs and bring their stories to you.

I was born in Chile but was lucky enough to grow up professionally traveling the world and working for amazing companies and people.

For me, marketing starts at the very foundation of a company, and it works only when the human nature of our business is well understood. Only then you can start building up.

Favorite saying

“It’s not about what you say, it’s about how you say it”

Favorite band

The Ramones

My videos

The CEO Journey. With Matt Tarczynski [Video]

In the second part of our chat, we asked Matt Tarczynski what it takes not only to build a company but to lead it, to motivate his team, and to shape the future of one of the best Polish startups, Woodpecker. A very inspiring episode for CEOs and anyone building a business. watch now

29 min watch
Video Incoming Chat

Multichannel Communication. With Matt Tarczynski. [Video]

Companies today need to be where their customers are and to accomplish a seamless multichannel strategy, there are a few things to consider. Doing it right will make a big difference on your journey to become a truly customer-centric company. Another great conversation with... watch now

26 min watch
Video Incoming Chat

Women in Tech. With Anna-Paula Cederholm [Video]

We finally welcomed a guest back to our studio, and it was a pleasure to have Anna-Paula not only as the first one, but helping us understand what are the challenges women face when entering the world of Tech. She shares her story and delivers priceless advice for those of you... watch now

29 min watch
Video Incoming Chat

Content Distribution. With Ognjen Boskovic [Video]

Content is one of the most important pieces of marketing. But what do you do with it? Marcos and Ognjen discuss the best practices for taking advantage of each piece, finding the right channels, and preparing a content distribution strategy that will not only make your content be... watch now

34 min watch
Video Incoming Chat

Writing a Resumé That Gets You Hired. With Akeem Branford [Video]

If you are not sure about the difference between a resumé and a CV and you are ready to look for a job, this is the episode for you! Marcos and Akeem would cover what are the best practices and the big No-Nos when preparing a resumé for your next job hunt. Let Akeem help you out.... watch now

21 min watch
Video Incoming Chat

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