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Marcos Bravo

Marcos Bravo

Video Creator, Host, and Marketing Veteran, Success

About me

I have the pleasure of being the face of our video section in Success. I’ve been working in marketing and sales for 20 years, and now, I have the chance to share all of my experiences and help you improve yourself and your business. I also host our weekly podcast, Incoming Chat, where I get to talk to amazing entrepreneurs and bring their stories to you.

I was born in Chile but was lucky enough to grow up professionally traveling the world and working for amazing companies and people.

For me, marketing starts at the very foundation of a company, and it works only when the human nature of our business is well understood. Only then you can start building up.

Favorite saying

“It’s not about what you say, it’s about how you say it”

Favorite band

The Ramones

My videos

Writing a Resumé That Gets You Hired. With Akeem Branford [Video]

If you are not sure about the difference between a resumé and a CV and you are ready to look for a job, this is the episode for you! Marcos and Akeem would cover what are the best practices and the big No-Nos when preparing a resumé for your next job hunt. Let Akeem help you out.... watch now

21 min watch
Video Incoming Chat

Building Trust With Your Brand. With Rafal Samborski [Video]

Marcos and Rafał talk about how important is to build trust with your brand, especially in the medical field. A great startup story and good lessons on how to build a brand that creates a relationship with its customers. watch now

34 min watch
Video Incoming Chat

Diversity in The Workforce. With Francisca Phillips [Video]

Marcos talks to Francisca Phillips, a veteran diversity champion, about how companies can strengthen their culture by addressing issues that affect individuals. This is a must-watch episode for people in charge of HR and Culture to understand the unique value of Diversity,... watch now

34 min watch
Video Incoming Chat

Comedy And The Soul of Marketing. With Kareem Hassanien [Video]

We wanted to talk about how comedy can be applied to marketing actions, but we went down the rabbit hole so much that we rediscover more about understanding your customer, their journey, and the process of creating marketing strategies for individual brands. A great conversation... watch now

50 min watch
Video Incoming Chat

Forget Everything You Know About Sales. With Nick Capozzi [Video]

Marcos talks to Nick Capozzi, one of his mentors and a sales expert about the key skills to develop in order to become a master salesperson. They also dig into how much video can help you close that next deal and how to incorporate it into your sales strategy. Tips, tricks and a... watch now

38 min watch
Video Incoming Chat

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