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Jacob Firuta
5 min read
updated: Jun 1, 2023

How can I add LiveChat to my website?Link icon

To add LiveChat to your website follow these steps:

  1. Start by signing up for a free 14 day trial.
  2. Get the tracking code from the LiveChat code section.
  3. Place the LiveChat code in your websites’s HTML files.
  4. Log in to one of our applications and chat with visitors.

What kind of pricing plans are available?Link icon

There are four plans available:

  • Starter ($24 per agent/month): For up and coming companies and startups
  • Team ($49 per agent/month): Aimed at small and medium businesses, it includes team-based features.
  • Business ($69 per agent/month): Designed with enterprise class businesses in mind, with advanced reporting and expanded management options.
  • Enterprise (custom pricing): For big enterprise businesses that need the help of a dedicated Key Account Manager.

Check out the pricing page for more detailed information about the available plans and pricing comparison for a full listing of features available in each plan.

What is your refund policy?Link icon

You can cancel your account at any time without any additional costs. However, credit from already processed payments will be lost and will not be refunded. Read more about our subscription policy.

What limitations do trial accounts have?Link icon

Features available in the trial are parallel to those of the Team plan. You can add up to 100 agents. If you want to trial LiveChat in another plan, simply start a chat with us and we’ll make it happen!

What kind of reporting is available?Link icon

All plans get the Daily Summary, which is a rundown of agents’ LiveChat activities that is sent daily via email. The Team, Business and Enterprise plans get access to the following reports:

  • Last 7 days: A short summary of previous 7 days that informs you about the number of chats, queue, achieved goals and customer satisfaction levels.
  • Total chats: Data about the number of chats you receive and how many chats were missed when your LiveChat was offline.
  • Chat ratings: Customer satisfaction statistics based on the rates received by agents during chats.
  • Queued visitors: Information about the number of visitors that entered the queue and then proceed to chat or left the queue.
  • Queue waiting time: Data showing how long visitors needed to wait before entering chat from a queue.
  • Availability: The amount of time your LiveChat was online and available for clients.
  • Goals: Number of goals scored during chats.
  • Pre-chat survey: Data your customers enter into pre-chat surveys.
  • Post-chat survey: Data your customers enter into post-chat surveys.
  • Queue abandonment: Visitors who left your queue without chatting.

Additionally, the Team, Business and Enterprise plans have access to these ticket-related reports:

  • New tickets: Shows how new tickets are distributed for a given time period.
  • First response time: The average amount of time it took for an agent to respond to a ticket.
  • Solved tickets: How many cases were solved during a given time frame.
  • Resolution time: Data on the average amount of time your agents need to resolve a ticket.
  • Ticket sources: See how many tickets you get through the chat window, the ticket form and through email.

In the Team, Business and Enterprise plans, each report can be filtered by a particular agent, group of agents or tag. The Business and Enterprise plans include an engine for on-demand reports, which will prove to be invaluable for data-driven companies. These reports can either be scheduled or generated manually. Additionally, Business and Enterprise plan users can export report to a file and have access to the following reports:

  • Average chatting time: How long it takes to handle a chat on average.
  • Staffing prediction: How many agents you need to cover all of your chats.
  • First response time: The average amount of time it takes for your agents to respond to a new chat.
  • Average response time: The average amount of time it takes for your agents to respond to messages in general.

Can you invite visitors to chat?Link icon

Yes, you can use two types of greetings to engage visitors browsing your page:

  • Automated greeting – that triggers when certain conditions are met.
  • Manual invitation – which is sent when an agent manually invites a visitor to chat by selecting them on visitors list.

Is the chat window customizable?Link icon

The chat window is fully customizable. Possible modifications include:

  • changing the color scheme,
  • choosing a pre-made chat widget theme,
  • uploading your own logo,
  • positioning the chat widget,
  • changing the language of the chat widget.

Read more about chat window customization.

Can I change agent’s email address?Link icon

Unfortunately, agent’s email address cannot be changed. If an agent needs to change the login email, owner or administrator will need to add a new agent account in the Team section. Then the account set up for the old email can be deleted.

If you are the owner and want to change your login email, first create a new agent with the new email and then pass the ownership to the new account before deleting the old one.

How does LiveChat work after hours?Link icon

When all your agents go offline, your LiveChat switches to offline mode. It means that your visitors can leave messages via ticket form and contact you even after your office hours. You can answer these messages in the Tickets section.

Where can I download LiveChat?Link icon

You can download LiveChat desktop apps from our Product page. We have apps available for Mac and Windows.

If you need an application for a mobile device, you can download them either from the App Store or Google Play. We have apps for iPhone and Android.

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