Dark theme for support agents dashboard

Can we have some dark themes for LiveChat agents dashboard/chat interface? I mean, not for customers but exactly for agents. Like in Notepad++…

Hi @kviten! Actually we plan to add the dark theme option to our design, I can show you the sneak preview: http://take.ms/0nUXZ

Please keep in mind that we still work on the redesign and the dark theme probably will not be available this year.


Thank you for the response, @Agnieszka. It would be great if developers could fill right part of dashboard with dark background too (chat section and details section). I bet that some of your devs who use dark themes for editors can understand me and my colleagues.


Love the names in the sample chat!! :joy:


Hi Agnieskza.

Did we completly leave the plan of implementing this? It seems like a no brainer for late hour customer support to be able to dim the background from bright white to something darker?

This was back in 2018. Is there any chance we see this feature at all?

Hi! Let me check it with our product team.

Hi again! I’ve checked the status of that project and I’m afraid that for now there’re other tasks with higher priority. However, I’ll let the product team know that there’re customers waiting for it! Also, our Support Hero came with some workaround and suggest using:

If it helps get more attention, I’d like to add that this feature would absolutely be appreciated by myself and others in the team I work in, many who work at night, leading to the light theme causing migraines.

Thanks Ritty! Noted!

I am looking forward for when this is launched