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Do I need to be fluent in English?

In short – yes. In our recruitment process we treat the fluency in English as a crucial and basic skill. Fluency is about being able to communicate freely, taking part in various discussions with no language barriers and writing correctly. It doesn’t mean you need to possess specific certificates or know the Oxford English Dictionary by heart.

What are the working hours?

Sometimes, we are early birds and night owls during the same working week. To treat all species equally, we implemented the general rule ‘till 10 am’. That means you should come to the office until 10 am. Otherwise, except for the customer support department that works 24/7, the working hours are flexible.

Is it possible to work remotely?

Yup. Thanks to the great results we got from our home offices last year, we became a remote-first company! So, where will your office be?

Can I count on a relocation package?

Yes, depending on your individual needs. To help you settle into a new home, we might be able to offer you a relocation package. As we are not only tied to the idea of fast communication but also to our beautiful city, we will be more than happy to support you in your move here! Please bear in mind, though, that we don’t have any specialist on board who can handle the entire relocation process for you.

What kind of contract do you offer?

We can offer you cooperation on a B2B contract – which means that you need to run your own business. Never heard of it? No worries, we’ll show you what to do.

What stages during the recruitment process should I expect?

The process starts at the moment you click the button “Apply” so that your application can fly to our inbox.

Right then we have the first chance to match your experience and skills with given position’s requirements. Knowing that ideals exist only in fairy tales, we always put candidates’ applications into a perspective of various available job positions.

What’s next?

The short call with one of our recruiters to talk about details, tailored task to perform, and a F2F interview with your future team leader in our office (if possible). Every recruitment process at LiveChat ends with a trial day during which you will get the chance to work on a real problem with our team.

Take a look at our recruitment timeline.

Will you provide any feedback on my performance during the recruitment process?

Yes, we regularly do it at every stage of the recruitment process, whether the final decision is positive or negative. We want to share our culture of feedback with every candidate, from the moment of application until the last step in our recruitment path.