Recruitment Process

100% online

The world has changed lately, but nothing will stop us from bringing new talent on board. We’re taking recruitment 100% online. At the end of the day, we’re experts in online communication.

We look forward to meeting you face-to-face screen-to-screen!

  1. Start a chat


    Find your dream position among our open roles. Not there? Apply anyway. We might just not know we’re looking for you!

    CV, portfolio, or samples of your projects – you choose what describes you best.

    Apply through the website, drop us a line on, or get in touch via live chat. You can also find our team on Linkedin. Reach out to Aneta or Ania.

    Start a chat
  2. Chat with a recruiter

    Screening call

    A 45-minute call to fill in the gaps. You learn more about LiveChat and our vision.
    We learn more about you, your know-how, and your work experience.

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  3. Show us your craft


    A quick task sent to your inbox. What’s your thinking process?
    How do you approach tasks and present your work? Let’s see if we get along!

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  4. Meet us on a video call


    Meet our recruiter and the team leader. Let’s talk business! What can we achieve together?
    It’s time to figure it out.

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  5. Join us for a coffee chat

    Culture-fit check

    A 30-minute meeting via Google Hangouts. Meet the team and see how you fit in.
    No business talk. We’ll accept dry jokes, though. Just chit-chat and fun!

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  6. Look behind the scenes

    Remote practice run

    See a day in the life of LiveChat. We can’t show you the office or how the coffee machine works, so we’ll have to stick to Slack. Our favorite emojis say a lot though!

    Get ready to create, collaborate, and present your results to the team.

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  7. Get on board


    If you’ve made it here, you’re an online communication expert, too. Kudos!

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