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Surprise Customers and Gain Loyalty with the LiveChat-Mailchimp Integration

Wojciech Guminski
2 min read
updated: Jun 15, 2023

Cultivating strong customer loyalty is a cornerstone of long-term business success. Surprising your most valued customers with exclusive rewards and recognition not only enhances their emotional connection with your brand but also encourages repeat business, ultimately contributing to increased revenue.

Integrating LiveChat with Mailchimp lets you discreetly identify your VIP customers during chat interactions and create personalized email journeys that express gratitude and offer unique perks, like early access to new products or exclusive discounts.

Let’s examine a use case demonstrating the impactful benefits of this integration.

Use case scenario: Recognizing and rewarding VIP customers with surprise incentivesLink icon

Meet Laura, a devoted, returning customer browsing your online bookstore. She initiates a chat conversation with Alex, one of your agents, to ask about an upcoming book release from her favorite author. Thanks to Customer Insights, Alex knows from the start that he’s dealing with a VIP client.

Chat Dialogue:Link icon

Alex tags the chat, triggering a personalized email with an exclusive offer as a surprise token of appreciation.

Email Content:Link icon

Email copy

Conclusions: surprising appreciation emails enhance customer loyaltyLink icon

In our story:

  • The agent helped the customer by providing information on chat.
  • Seeing that the customer is a VIP thanks to the purchase history available via Customer Insight, the agent tags the chat with a predefined LiveChat tag.
  • Thanks to the integration between LiveChat and Mailchimp, the tag triggers a personalized email journey.
  • The customer received a surprise email with an exclusive token of gratitude for loyalty towards the brand.

The LiveChat and Mailchimp integration empowers businesses to identify and reward their most loyal customers in a subtle, yet impactful manner. Surprising VIP customers with personalized offers and exclusive incentives strengthens their connection to your brand and leads to higher revenue.

Unlock the potential of the LiveChat and Mailchimp integration for your business, and experience the benefits of building stronger bonds with your audience.

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