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Instagram for Business: Send Replies from LiveChat to Your Followers

Wojciech Guminski
3 min read
updated: Sep 20, 2022

Instagram’s mission is to connect people, let users build influence, and create compelling content that’s distinctly theirs. Simplicity, creativity, and fun are at the heart of the platform’s design. The great community of content creators and their followers is what made the platform a worldwide phenomenon.

LiveChat brings chat to the party and lets you communicate with your followers like never before. Thanks to the integration, you can now send replies to DMs and stories from a single app, making it so much easier to manage all your communication channels in one place.

How does it work?Link icon

Instagram direct messages, story mentions, and replies are forwarded to LiveChat and displayed as real-time chats.

You can answer these chats in the LiveChat app, delivering them back to your followers on Instagram.

Seamless, simple, and very easy to set up.

How to subscribeLink icon

Please keep in mind that only Instagram Professional Accounts are supported by this integration. Also, you need a Facebook Page connected to your Instagram.
Please keep in mind that only Instagram Professional Accounts are supported by this integration. Also, you need a Facebook Page connected to your Instagram.
Select Add to Cart.
Select View Cart.
Select Continue to subscription.
Select Go to checkout.
Add payment and invoice details if necessary. Select Subscribe now to finish setting up the subscription.

How to connect LiveChat with InstagramLink icon

Go to the integrations settings page.
Allow Instagram for Business to access your LiveChat account data.
Expand the drop-down and select Finish installation.
Select Connect Instagram with LiveChat.
Select Continue with Facebook. Login with your Facebook account credentials.
Choose Instagram Business accounts you’d like to integrate. Select Next to proceed.
Choose pages you’d like to integrate with LiveChat and select Next.
Make sure that all integration privileges are turned to YES. Select Done to finish the integration setup.

That’s it. From now on, Instagram DMs, story mentions, and replies will show up as chats in your LiveChat application.

BenefitsLink icon

Automation compatibilityLink icon

The integration supports ChatBot automation. You can add quick replies and automated responses that will appear to your followers just like a manually sent message.

Diverse messagingLink icon

Story mentions and story replies are forwarded to the LiveChat app just like DMs. You can seamlessly reply to them from the app, just like with any other communication channel you’re handling with LiveChat. For example, Messenger, Whatsapp, SMS, or emails.

SecurityLink icon

Conversations are not retained and we rely only on privacy-aware CDN URLs for rich media. The integration is compliant with Instagram’s Privacy Policy.

ReliabilityLink icon

The integration is based on native LiveChat and Instagram API. This makes it fast, stable, and able to display all kinds of message formats with ease,  such as rich messages.

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