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Join Our Mobile Team – Engineer & Designer Wanted! 

Are you a fan of our mobile app (iOS, Android)? Neither are we. That’s right, we said it. Our app for iOS and Android could use a serious upgrade. If you’re the type who notices every pixel out of place or a feature that could revolutionize user experience, we should definitely have a chat!

It’s time to face it: Mobile apps aren’t our forte... yet. But with your help, they could be. That’s why we’re not just looking for a single player, we’re on the hunt for a dynamic duo.

Do you and your tech-savvy peer revel in crafting cutting-edge mobile applications? Do you keep up with the latest platform updates as diligently as you check the morning weather? If that sounds like you, then guess what? We want you both! Yes, you read that right – join our team, together!

About the Product:

LiveChat is the core product of Text, used by 38K businesses worldwide. It is developed by several small interdisciplinary teams working on individual projects and goals. The mobile team will be working alongside others with a sole focus on the LiveChat mobile app. 

At LiveChat, we guide the product strategy, introduce new features, analyze user feedback, and develop go-to-market plans using Shape Up. Communication here isn’t just open; it’s encouraged. Your ideas are vital to our growth and highly valued in our proactive, collaborative environment.

Here’s what you’ll be up to:

  • Influence the roadmap: Direct contact with users means your ideas become features.

  • Craft and enhance: From the drawing board to development, shape features that help our users.

  • Experiment and analyze: Dive into R&D with ML models and redefine what’s possible.

  • Customize your workflow: You choose the tools and techniques you need.

  • Master retention: You pinpoint the metrics and craft the experiments. This is data-driven decision-making in real time.

Engineer, you’ll excel with us if you:

  • Have strong mobile development skills, with a portfolio to prove it.

  • Understand the nuances between iOS and Android inside and out.

  • Stay ahead of the curve, always updated on the latest tech enhancements.

  • Possess great communication skills; your clarity bridges the gap between techies and non-techies.

  • Have a keen eye for usability and an understanding of SaaS nuances.

Our tech stack?
We use React Native & Expo, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node JS, React & Redux JS. However, we default to picking the best tools for the job, so we value knowledge of general programming patterns more than one's tool mastery.

Designer, you’re a perfect fit if you:

  • Are a native in Figma, with a knack for mobile interfaces that captivate and engage.

  • Keep usability at the forefront, ensuring intuitive experiences that don’t make users think twice.

  • Are great with setting priorities and organizing what needs to be done. 

  • Are naturally curious, staying ahead of design trends and system updates.

  • Communicate flawlessly, sharing your vision clearly with all stakeholders.

  • Anticipate user reactions, turning insight into action.

Ready to revolutionize the mobile experience of our customers with us? Apply now and let’s build something extra together! 

Recruitment Note:

Please note that we are currently looking for a team of 2, and such applications will be prioritized.


We don’t want you to worry about all the basic benefits - like a Multisport card, private health care, or a home office equipment budget.

What we really want you to feel and what we believe in is that the real benefits come from the culture we’ve built.

With unlimited paid days off and sick days policy, a remote-friendly environment focused on outcomes instead of worked hours, and people dedicated to their work, you’ll find a workplace where you can thrive.

And here’s the icing on the cake: you’ll have the opportunity to work with the makers behind all Text products: LiveChat, ChatBot, HelpDesk, KnowledgeBase, OpenWidget.

Are you feeling like this might be a great place to consider working for? We feel it too ;) Join us and apply.

Recruitment process

Do you already feel like you belong here?

It’s time to fill out the application form and attach your CV. Here’s what happens next in our fully remote recruitment process:

Interview with our recruitment specialist

Get yourself something to drink and let’s talk. Tell us about your professional experience, the results of your work, and your values. We’ll tell you a little bit about the company, products, and company culture. We’ll also talk about the money and your availability.

Video call with your future team leaders

At this stage, we’ll test your craft to see the value you can bring to the company. The most important part? You’ll find out everything about the challenges in your role, and we’ll find out everything we need to know about your experience.

A remote practice run

We’ll give you a project to work on for a few hours. You’ll also meet the people that’ll give you tips, advice, and access to data and tools so you can feel like you’re already a part of the team. Get familiar with our atmosphere, the workflow, and the people. All in all, we’ll help you make a well-informed decision.

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