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Live chat best practices

4 Reasons Why You Need a Custom Chat Survey

Pre-chat surveys play an important role in helping your customers. It is your first opportunity to get some information about a client. You need to make the pre-chat survey questions count. Surveys help you to get to know your customers. By customizing them, you can significantly... read more

6 minutes
Feb 27, 2014

Using LiveChat Shortcuts

Clicking between chats can get a little tiring after a while. You have to reach for your mouse, select another chat and then go back to typing. Imagine doing that every 10-15 seconds for 4-5 hours. It adds up to about one episode of "Friends" spent just on moving your mouse each... read more

2 minutes
Feb 7, 2014

Live Chat Etiquette – 32 tips to make live chat work

Here’s a quick and simple guide for live chat operators and website visitors who discuss sales and support matters over the chat - live chat etiquette. Although some of the tips below might seem obvious, the communication goes much better if goals of the chat operator overlap... read more

Szymon Klimczak
7 minutes
Sep 7, 2012

Quick tip: Improvement for multi-language operators

In case your company has lots of customers from the entire world, we made special language improvement which will suit you perfectly. From now on, operators can easily switch languages in Spelling-checker plugin during the chat. To do so, the operator must update to the latest... read more

Piotr Bednarek
1 minutes
Dec 11, 2010