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3 min read | Jul 04 |


SMS Communication in Customer Service

SMS (Short Messaging Service) is the most frequently used messaging system in America. According to a study by Simple Texting, nearly 26 billion SMS messages are sent... read more


7 min read | Jun 20 |

How to Use LiveChat Reports to Plan Your Customer Service

Team management isn't about bossing people around — but you already know that. It's mainly about planning your team's work and unlocking its full potential. Being a... read more


8 min read | Jun 09 |

Startup Incubator and Accelerator Are Not One and the Same

You want to start a business. Your idea of what your product or service will do is crystal clear. You’re excited about telling the world about it and selling it to your... read more


10 min read | May 06 |

Ania Rubkiewicz and Kasia Kowalska

Is Customer Orientation the Key to Business Success?

Have you noticed that the most successful brands seem to know practically everything about their customers? Just look at Amazon or Netflix — no one would ever accuse them... read more


10 min read | May 04 |

Kasia Kowalska and Ania Rubkiewicz

Do You Use the Right Communication Channels To Reach Your Customers?

Regular communication with customers is crucial to maintaining high client satisfaction and boosting loyalty. However, since there are so many different ways of reaching... read more

Inside LiveChat

Inside LiveChat

8 min read | 25 Apr | Wojciech Guminski

What’s a Canned Response and Should You Use It?

You start your shift and before you realize it, you're swamped with so many chats you don't even have time to make a cup of coffee. And the worst part? Most of those... read more

Inside LiveChat

7 min read | 13 Oct | Kuba Rogalski

Video Shopping and What Does Coffee Have To Do With It?

For some, the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences haven’t turned out all that bad. How so? Take a look at shopping. Sure, the way we buy stuff has been transforming... read more

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