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Pricing model update

Ola Górska
3 min read
updated: Dec 13, 2022

In the past three years, LiveChat has undergone significant enhancements. We shipped out a completely new LiveChat Mobile app, improved the performance and accessibility of the Chat Widget, and introduced new channels of communication. Over 40 new features and product updates were introduced. As we worked, our customer base has grown significantly. 

To maintain our exceptional customer service, more than ever Support Heroes are available 24/7 in all pricing plans. We are committed to providing world-class products and customer service for you. 

To be able to continue to do that, we had to update our pricing model to reflect the current value of our product and help us maintain high-quality development and customer service. 

What changesLink icon

In the pay per agent model, we charge you for every active agent account on your license. Whether the agents are logged in or not, if they have an account and can log in with their email and password, they are an active agent. This means that when you go to the Team section in the LiveChat Agent App, you see the list of all the agent accounts you are charged for.

Make sure you’re only charged for active agentsLink icon

Let’s say you had 5 seats in one of our plans and over the years you created 10 agent accounts. People join and leave the company, get promoted, and move on to different positions or departments. Now you can suspend all these inactive accounts so that you will not be charged for these accounts.

You’ll still be able to view the reports and archives of the chats these agents had. Once you suspend these agent accounts, remember to update your subscription to reflect the current number of active accounts on your license.

See how you can suspend agent accounts.

Please note that the Owner and Admins are counted towards the total number of agent accounts on your license.
Please note that the Owner and Admins are counted towards the total number of agent accounts on your license.

Save on ChatBotLink icon

In the pay per agent pricing model, you no longer pay for a seat for your ChatBot. You only pay for active agents, not ChatBot accounts. 

If you’re already using ChatBot, this means savings on ChatBot seats. If not, it is a great opportunity to try it out. We’ve recently added many great ChatBot features, such as the brand-new Visual Builder: drag-and-drop, intuitive, and elegant. Explore the full range of ChatBot features and sign up for free.

Our goal is to make our pricing more transparent. In the new pay per agent model, you only pay for the number of agents. You can enjoy LiveChat at its fullest with unlimited chats and all future updates. Read more about managing a pay per agent subscription.

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