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Google AdWords: tracking chat conversions

Alicja Pawliczak
3 min read
updated: Jun 1, 2023

Get to know which of your Google Ads campaigns are best at converting to chats on your site. In this short tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a new conversion in Google Ads, and how to check if ad clicks result in new chats.

Installation tutorialLink icon

To track how your Google Ads convert to chats on your site, follow these steps:


Log in to your Ads account and go to Tools & Settings > Measurement > Conversions from the top menu.

Access Adwords Conversions

To add a new conversion, click on the plus icon in the top left.

If this is the first time you create a conversion, you’ll see a different view—click on +Conversions and proceed to the next step.

Add new Adwords conversion

Choose Website.

Choose type of conversion

Select Other in the Category section.

Choose a category

Enter the name of the Conversion. Use one that’ll help you easily find it in the future.

Enter a conversion name

Select Don’t use a value for this conversion action.

Don't use value for the conversion

You can change all the other settings however it suits you. When you’re finished, click on create and continue. All the settings can be changed later on.

Save a new tag in Adwords

Choose Google Tag Manager.

Set up the tag with Adwords

Copy the Conversion ID and the Conversion label.

Copy adwords conversion id and label

Now paste the Conversion ID and the Conversion label values into the script we created (you’ll find it below the instructions).


Once done, add the whole script to your site’s source code. Remember to place it below the LiveChat installation code.

Add code to track LiveChat conversion with Google Adwords

Copy the script below and remember to change YOUR_CONVERSION_ID and YOUR_CONVERSION_LABEL to the values provided in the conversion you created in Google Ads (as shown in steps 8 and 9).

var LC_API = LC_API || {};
LC_API.on_chat_started = function()
// track this chat in Google AdWords
var google_conversion_id, google_conversion_label, img;
google_conversion_id    = 'YOUR_CONVERSION_ID';
google_conversion_label = 'YOUR_CONVERSION_LABEL';
img = new Image(1, 1);
img.src = ''+google_conversion_id+'/?label='+google_conversion_label+'&script=0';

After you’ve added the script to your website, the chat conversion from ad clicks will start appearing in your Ads conversion reports.

Additional informationLink icon

Track conversions to the ticket fromLink icon

You can also track conversions to ticket form. You need to replace the LC_API.on_chat_started = function() part of the code with LC_API.on_ticket_created = function(data). To learn more about this callback, check out our API documentation.

Track several conversions at the same timeLink icon

You can track several conversions at a time using the script provided above. To do so, add a separate script with different pairs of google_conversion_id and google_conversion_label variables for each conversion you want to track.

The google_conversion_id stays the same, google_conversion_label varies for different conversions.
The google_conversion_id stays the same, google_conversion_label varies for different conversions.

Google Tag Assistant errorsLink icon

When using Google Tag Assistant, you might come across some syntax errors like Conversion label not set or No HTTP response detected. Don’t worry about them, as the integration will successfully track your Ads campaign and integrate it with LiveChat.

When validating your AdWord campaign, Google Tag Assistant is looking for active conversion codes, including the version without JavaScript (noscript). As our conversion tracking code does not have such a version, Google Tag Assistant may display errors.

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