Random Sound Notification

Hello, When Livechat coming there sound: Incoming chat.

Will be nice feature if this sound was customizable.

Hi Roy! Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve sent it to our Product Team!

Hey Roy! you have picked same issue as I have faced right now, and therefore commenting here to get know that have you got your solution? thats why I am not posting on the community. I am facing some serious sound notifications since few days.

Hello @michaelhenry199 :wave:
Since this time, we updated our app, so now you can customize the sound notifications – you can get to know more on that topic here:

Have you experienced any lost internet connection or signed out unwantedly issue? We have a lot of the issue frequently and we checked our network. We can use other websites normally, just experience connections issue during chat

We had a bit of trouble with this, even though our internet connection for our building is very strong and fast. What seemed to help the problem for us, was to ensure the computers the agents were chatting on, were hard wired to the internet. When the agents try to rely on wifi it seemed to increase the times they lost connection.

Not sure if that will work for you, but it has fixed our issues tremendously.

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