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Working Together as a Team: What Does It Actually Mean?

As Michael Jordan once said: “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” Working as a team is important and it allows you to exchange ideas, create big projects, and follow through with established goals. So, how to effectively work together?  A... read more

8 minutes
Mar 14, 2021

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8 Steps for Switching to Remote Work in a Tech Company

For a company that has never attempted remote work, it takes weeks, months, or even years, to make that transition smoothly. However, with Covid-19, we don’t have that flexibility. We need to act quickly. That’s why the whole process won’t be perfect, and you should be fine with... read more

7 minutes
Apr 24, 2020

How to Stay Focused on Work After the World Has Stopped

The recent COVID-19 outbreak and sudden home isolation has turned our daily lives upside down. Healthcare workers and public service employees are facing an enormous workload. At the same time, the rest of society stays locked in their homes feeling like the world has stopped.... read more

11 minutes
Apr 8, 2020

Slack Best Practices from LiveChat Team

Every time I sit down to write this post, I’m distracted by a message from my colleague about this thing I need to hear, a notification about the package that came, or a bot scaring me about the debt on my food credit card. My food card debt. Who is responsible for all of this... read more

7 minutes
Aug 16, 2018

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The Real Meaning of Making Notes in Business

How many times have you had an amazing idea right before you fall asleep and you were so sure, you’re gonna remember it the next day but then you woke up and boom! All you know is that you had an awesome idea, but now you have “no idea” what it was whatsoever? It happens a lot to... read more

7 minutes
Nov 7, 2017

How to Use to–Do Lists to Have a More Productive Day

Do you ever feel that your tasks have control over you, instead of you controlling your tasks? As we build our careers, it often turns out we know what we have to do, yet we fail to do it. In result, we often struggle with finishing assignments on time. That’s why we reach for... read more

7 minutes
Sep 5, 2017

How to be More Productive (and Less Busy)

The difference between being productive and being busy isn’t obvious at first sight. In both cases, you work up a sweat to get your tasks done, but only one way will lead you to success. We all know this feeling when we have so many tasks on our to-do list, that we wish the day... read more

8 minutes
Mar 17, 2017

Apps for Work That Will Boost Your Productivity

If you’re like most people, you probably think you don’t have enough time in a day to do everything you want. I’m not surprised - after all, productivity is now the latest trend. We all want to squeeze as much as we can out of our days, but still wish it has more hours. We even... read more

12 minutes
Jan 13, 2017

Productivity Quotes to Keep You Focused on Your Work

We often associate being productive with managing lots of tasks. We don't say “no” to our teammates, we help them with their problems, we create long to-do lists and work our butts off to cross everything from the list. We shuffle between these duties and can’t keep our minds on... read more

7 minutes
Sep 21, 2016

3 Time Management Methods That Will Save You a Day (Pt 2)

With a few time management methods, getting a couple of extra hours of work in every week isn’t that hard. It may seem like a challenge at first, but it’s definitely doable. Getting an extra day in, now that’s a challenge. Last time we discussed 4 time management tips that will... read more

6 minutes
Feb 25, 2016

4 Time Management Tips That Will Give You an Extra Day (Pt I)

Do you ever feel like your work time is slipping through your fingers? That feeling you have at the end of the day, when there are still things to do but no time left to do them. There’s a simple solution to your problem: you make more time. Unless you own a time machine, you... read more

9 minutes
Feb 12, 2016

How to Not Hate Your Job (and How to Learn from It)

Imagine for a moment that you’re looking for a job. You’re searching for it for quite some time and it looks like the only place to welcome you with arms wide oped is the infamous McDonalds. You are informed that they are looking for a staff member, who would be responsible for... read more

10 minutes
Jan 18, 2016