Success Quotes to Keep You Moving Closer to Your Goals

Not everyone wants to reach the top of the world, but we all have our own Everest to climb in our lives. For example, having a successful business, reaching 1000 followers on Twitter (@okolodynska) or learning to play a sax. Here are a few success quotes that I hope will help you... read more

4 minutes
Nov 23, 2015

Overcome Frustration with These Inspirational Business Stories

When it comes to business, there are many different places we look to for inspiration. But it turns out that no matter if it’s in business, art or science, a lot of great ideas come from personal frustrations. Would you look for inspiration inside this disturbing place?... read more

5 minutes
Mar 26, 2015

How to Speed up Your Business Communication

If there is one universal mistake nearly all companies make, it would be writing too many emails. We were also guilty of this. We had too many ongoing email conversations to keep up. All meaningful discussions were quickly getting buried under a pile of unread emails. Our... read more

3 minutes
Nov 27, 2014