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Everything You Need To Know About Chat Widget Accessibility

What’s the first thing that jumps to your mind when you think about building an online business? Whether it’s a product or service, it should, above all else, solve a problem. If it doesn’t, why bother? No one will buy your product if it doesn’t make their lives easier or more... read more

9 minutes
Jun 22, 2021

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LiveChat is a complete customer service platform that delights your customers and fuels your sales

Write for Us and Reach a Global Audience of Business Professionals

What is Success by LiveChat? Our platform helps businesses grow. We filter out the noise and focus on what works. With unique article formats and actionable videos, it’s very easy to put ideas into practice. Hi! We've been pretty busy lately, and we have to put guest posts on... read more

Team Success
3 minutes
Jun 15, 2020

Introducing Our New Visual Identity

Rebranding is always a tough decision. Especially when you’re about to replace your logo after showing it to millions of users over 10 years. Eventually, we decided to go through with it. Here’s why and how. This is another step that is a part of a bigger design change. Last year... read more

Maciej Serafinowicz
4 minutes
Apr 15, 2020

We Are Ready to Support You

These are not easy times for many businesses. If your company is affected by these extraordinary circumstances, LiveChat wants to support you as much as possible. When online communication is taking the lead, we will do our best to help you stay connected with your customers, no... read more

2 minutes
Mar 14, 2020

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LiveChat for Managers: What’s New in Reports?

As you might have noticed, we moved things around in the Reports section. Now, there are five categories, plus the summary and data export. Don’t worry, all reports are still there, we just wanted to make it easier for you to find a specific type of information. For example, in... read more

Alicja Pawliczak
4 minutes
Dec 12, 2019 Becomes LiveChat – All You Should Know

The story of is coming to an end, but don’t take this the wrong way. For us, this is a new start. We based on the bold idea of creating a platform that, thanks to its API, enables users to customize the tool to their preferences and needs (even the most specific... read more

Patrycja Bilinska
5 minutes
Apr 10, 2019

LiveChat Affiliate Program

We've just launched the LiveChat Affiliate Program so I thought it would be a good idea to share some handy tips with you on how to become a successful affiliate. For me, running such a program is not just about having lots of banners all over the Internet but about creating a... read more

Margo Weglarz
5 minutes
Sep 27, 2013