Visitor History

One thing I would like to see LiveChat focus on is Visitor History. We can see past chats, and how many times a visitor visited our website. However, we would like to see what pages customer’s viewed in the past and where the visitor came from. LiveChat focuses on Chat Features and not enough on Visitor History. Visits are just as important as Chats. It would be great if LiveChat would give us more data on the Visitor’s history of visiting our website. This would allow better interaction. Maybe would we initiate a chat based on what we see in his/her history. Maybe we would be able to initiate a chat or get a better idea of what the customer is looking for if we knew where the user came from (a specific google ad, website, etc.). When you click on a current visitor, you can see a bunch of data on the “current visit” of the customer. However, the additional data of past visits of this customer should be listed here as well. I think LiveChat can make their application a much more rounded program with this added Visitor History info!

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Hello @ccbillj :wave:

I’ve passed your idea to our product team – we are aware of the fact that at the moment, there is no option for tracking visitors at the requested level. We are planning on introducing some customer management options in the future, but I cannot say when it might happen.

For now, you can acquire some information about your customer by integrating LiveChat with Google Analytics or by using custom variables.

If you have any questions, let me know! :slight_smile: