How To Trigger Customer To Close Chat

Greetings! Hi LC Community Family.
We are finding that customers will leave chats open, which is causing delayed.
What would be the best solutions to trigger out customers?

My idea as below :
I want to create couple of triggers:

  1. Send a message to customer, “Are you there?” if they haven’t replied for 2 mins.

  2. End the chat with a message if there’s no reply for 10 mins.

Is this possible? How?

Regards Rajen
(RSDH Contact Centre)


Our Support Heroes usually ask “Can I help you with anything else?”.

You can also set up an inactivity time-out (you can find it here: After a certain amount of time when your customer is not replying, the chat will be closed automatically.

Hope it helped!

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I tell them straight up that only they can disengage the chat… Usually like “did you have any other questions? if not you can close the chat”
If i have built the right rapport with the client I make it a joke too. Like" the system is set up so I can’t hang up on you, so you have to close the chat" little smiley faces soften the blow as well

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I don’t see that option when I click on the link… mine goes to Chat routing… Is that inactivity timeout an option for only certain subscriptions?

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I’ve just checked that and I can confirm, that it’s available from the “Team” plan.

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ahhh ok, I’m on the Regular plan so that makes sense why I can’t see it.

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When the agent is not responding for minutes, transfer the visitor to another agent . Applies only if the chat has just started. All following responses can be longer and won’t result in a transfer.

According to Inactivity Timeouts applies for Agents alone and how about for customer?

@rajendren.maniam, as Agnieszka has written, currently if a client is not replying for a specific time period the chat can be made inactive or closed automatically. You can set in your LiveChat app in the section chat settings >inactivity timeouts:

  • When there are no new messages in the chat for X minutes - make the chat inactive (Inactive chats are not included in agents’ concurrent chats limit).

  • When there are no new messages in the chat for X minutes - close the chat.

I hope my explanation is clear. If not, please let me know.