GTM/Google Analytics Won't Report Conversions Corectly

Hi all, I’m attempting to get conversion tracking set up for my website ( I followed the official directions at However, there’s a problem.

My automated messages pop up for a few hundred visitors a day, and we get 1-5 actual chats per day. However, GTM/GA are reporting something like a dozen conversions a week. I debugged in GTM’s “Previous Mode” and everything appears correct.

Has anyone run into this issue before? I’m attempting to use this conversion data to inform my Google Ads campaigns, so I want it to be fairly accurate.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Andrew,

I talked with our support, and they say you didn’t configure the integration properly and your events are not set up correctly.

After the ticket is created, you should have the info “Ticket form filled in” in your script like here

whereas you have “undefined.”

You need to configure the integration again step by step using this tutorial, and it should work then.

Please let me know if it works.

Hi @Daria thanks for the quick response. Those are the directions I followed. It was somewhat confusing around steps 12-15. This could be one of those topics that is better explained via a short how-to video (hint hint! :D).

That said, here’s what my GTM config looks like. Let me know if something is incorrect or missing.

GTM Tag Configuration

GTM Trigger Configuration

GTM Variables Dump

Hi Andrew,

Our tech support checked your case, and they said you are still making a mistake during the configuration.

You made a mistake while defining and naming custom variables in GTM.

The value you used as the name of your custom variable should be used as its definition. Basically, you just did it the other way round.

It should look like in the screen below:

I hope it helps.

I am having an issue with GTM not pushing LiveChat interactions to the data layer. I have installed the tool on a test website at and configured the GTM tracking tags per But I am not seeing any updates to the datalayer. Can someone help me debug this issue?

Hi @stroche,

I talked with our support and I’m coming back with an answer.
Have you uploaded your GA code through GTM or installed Universal Analytics through GTM?

In the first case, you should insert this
window.__lc.ga_version = 'ga';
into LiveChat code, as it’s shown in the article below:

It should work. If not, don’t hesitate to contact our support heroes via chat :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!