Greetings that convert best

Hi there,

There are several greeting rules to choose from while selecting one for your website, including:

  • time on site
  • current URL
  • time on page
  • geolocation

Each of them can accomplish a different task when placed on a particular site, plus according to our data visitors who get personalized greetings are 6.3 times more likely to convert.

So guys, can you tell us if and when you use chat greetings? What do you write in them? Could you share some tips that would help others increase customer engagement and conversion rates?

We’ve personalized a lot of greetings based on the content of the page. We offer many services, so asking a specific question about the page their are on tends to help them start a conversation. They believe a real person (not a greeting) has contacted them because the greeting is directly relative to what they are doing at that time, and therefore more likely to answer.
On our blog we’ve used: Thanks for taking the time to read our blog! Did you have any questions?
On our motorcycle training pages we’ve used: Ready to grab life by the bars? I’m here to answer any questions you have about learning to ride!
On our events calendar we’ve used: Hello! Did you have any questions about start dates or scheduling that I could answer for you today?

and so on… these personalized, less generic greetings really helped engage visitors as visitors feel a live person has started a conversation and are less likely to just ignore them.


A solid point, Melissa - it pays off to refer to what customers are seeing in front of their eyes at given moment - that’s always a powerful personalisation effect there.

Many LiveChat users ask The Question - what’s the best greeting? It’s important to keep in mind that no two businesses are the same and you need to base these on the target you want to reach. My piece of advice - iterate these, change them a lot and improve on the ones that work best. Your returning website visitors will appreciate that, too!


This is genius! yet so simple, ha. I’m definitely going to take a stab at implementing this on our website. Thanks for sharing, Melissa!


Try some fun ones too!
One of the favorites from visitors we’ve added is:

RAWR means hello in dinosaur.

It tends to illicit a response from visitors. :laughing:


@Marcin do you know if there’s a way to see which greetings are converting best? I haven’t found a report like that.

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Nice one! The craziest thing we’ve done is greeting “talk nerdy to us” which is set up on the website for developers :smiley:

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Hey! This one should come in handy:
You can also filter it by group and a particular greeting, too! Let me know if that helps - and which of your greetings convert best!


What about time to display greetings? What have you found to be best for conversion and not annoying people? 12 seconds, before they click off? Or more like 3 pages, 45 seconds on current page so you only get people are getting stuck?

Of course, this will vary based on the type of site and even the type of page, but in general? We are ecommerce and are still tweaking. We get plenty of responses “No thank, I’m good” so that indicates we might be proactive greeting a little early, but on flip side people might click off much quicker and we loose them.


We’ve adjusted our greeting time depending on the page. Our blog pages don’t have the greeting come up as quickly to allow the visitor to actually read some content first, whereas one of our product pages with only a couples sentences of content and a price, displays a greeting much quicker.


Melissa, it is my understanding LiveChat does not support custom greetings on different pages unless you break the session in between pages, which means each time the person leaves the page they have left the chat.

A custom greeting based on the page they land on is exactly what I want to do, but I know my users will check out other pages while chatting so if I break the session the chat will automatically end as soon as they leave the page.

How are you doing it? I would love to implement that.

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Our chat does not break the session. Even if visitors move from page to page, the chat continues.
However, prior to starting a chat, and they trigger a certain greeting the greeting does not change as they navigate different pages. For example - they may trigger a greeting asking them if they have any questions about truck training, but then if they navigate to pages about motorcycle training, the greeting does not update, the truck greeting follows them. This does not seem to be a huge issue for us, and my agents know that the automated greeting may not accurately reflect what they need help with, the page the visitor is on and their first typed message will give them direction.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Melissa.

If anyone from LiveChat is reading this I would prefer to be able to have a motor cycle and truck greeting.

Maybe there is a special offer on motor cycle training and you have a greeting mentioning that and inviting them to ask questions.

However, if they go to the truck training page first, they never see that motor cycle special offer greeting, even though it is extremely relevant for them.

In your case maybe those two training types never cross pages, but I am a Realtor and many people are both buying and selling, and many are looking in multiple specific areas, so our users do require different greetings depending on what they are looking at.

LiveChat, please allow us to do different greetings on different pages without breaking the session!

Hey @oahure !

Thanks for bringing that up! There’s actually a workaround you could use to have those two available - when you create a greeting for a specific page (say, a truck one) and combine it with some seconds on that specific page. If someone is just sprinting through the pages, they are bound to stay for a while longer on a page with a course that catches their attention - and that’s when you strike. For starters, try to check in Google Analytics (or similar website tracking piece) how much time your customers spend on the course page on average before they leave. Then, for the first shot, try to set up greetings for those pages with specific timers on them.

This way, if somebody just scrolls on truck page and moves on, greeting will not hit, allowing the other one to still kick in. Let me show an example:

We limit the session to a single greeting to simply prevent customers from being bombarded with one greeting after the other. Please bear in mind that the whole system is organised to reflect organic human interaction - agent reaching out to you with a personalised message.

Alternatively, if you have a web dev around, you could create custom eye-catchers for different pages, since they can change when you move across the groups on the website. Check more here:

Hope those help! Let me know if that would help your case!

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So you are saying the eye catcher can change between groups without breaking the session?

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Hi @oahure,

Yes. Just follow the workaround @Marcin has provided. And please, let us know if it worked :slight_smile:

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I just checked with support and it is not possible.

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Hey @oahure - just double checked on the case - seems like there was a small misunderstanding on the way. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered.

As I mentioned above - the solution I am suggesting here is kind of a workaround - not necessarily the main intended used of eye-catchers, so there’s some set up we need to get in place.

  1. First, we have to set up groups. For the sake of this example, let’s call one trucks and the other motorcycles.
  2. Secondly, you need to set up separate eye-catchers for all the groups.

  1. Lastly, adjust the URL rules to assign specific groups to specific pages where you want the eye-catchers to show. To set up URL groups please go to Settings > Chat settings > URL rules (you can follow this link as well:

Voila! Your eye-catchers will display differently on different pages of your website - and you can use custom pictures for that!

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I understand groups and url rules, but I believe you have to break the session between groups to get this work. Is that not the case?

I tried the breaking the session solution but it was a problem because I would be chatting with users and they would disappear and then they would come back and say sorry, they did not realize that changing the page would close the chat window.

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Hey @oahure,

Actually - you do not have to. Breaking the sessions will be required only if you’d look to engage with a different greeting.

URL rules work in a way that will load the theme for a particular group on a particular page as you navigate around. Greetings would require that group-breaking method as they essentially “stick” to the customer and will carry over with them as they navigate (reflecting a personal outreach to them).

Fortunately, this is not the case with eye-catchers - so if you have different eye-catchers for different groups and navigate around (without being engaged by greetings) - they eye-catchers would simply change along when a new group is loaded via URL rules.

As always, you can rely on our support heroes on the chat inside the app and at - we’re here 24/7 and always ready to help you out :wink:

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