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updated: Jun 19, 2019

Chat visitors sure like to be followed up after the chat. You can set up an automatic follow-up SMS using the following LiveChat – Twilio integration through Zapier.

Complete the steps below to create a Zap which will send a text message after the chat is over.

Creating the Twilio – LiveChat Zap

This Zap consists of three main parts:

  1. Setting up the trigger
    - choosing an event that will start data passing
  2. Configuring the action
    - setting up what will happen in the target app
  3. Launching the Zap
    - turning the integration on

Setting up LiveChat trigger

The first step to set up this integration is to determine a condition that will trigger an action in your target app.

  1. Log in to Zapier and click on Make a Zap in the upper menu.

Creating a new Zap

  1. Choose LiveChat as the Trigger App.
  2. Select Finished Chat as the Trigger.

Selecting LiveChat trigger

  1. Click on Save + Continue to proceed.
  2. Click on Connect a New Account and then provide your LiveChat login email and the API key. Next, click on Yes, continue to accept.

Entering your LiveChat account data

  1. You can rename the account here. Then click on Save + Continue.
  2. Select Fetch & Continue to test this step and make sure it is working properly.

Configuring the action in Twilio

The second part is to configure what will happen in your target app after the chat is finished.

  1. Choose Twilio as Action App.
  2. Then choose Send SMS as the action and confirm by clicking on Save + Continue.

Choosing the action

  1. Connect your Twilio account by providing your Account SID and Auth Token in the pop-up window.

Granting the access

  1. Click Yes, continue button.
  2. Select your Twilio account and confirm the choice by clicking on Continue.
  3. Next, set up the template of the SMS.

Setting up the template

If you want to use your customer’s phone number, make sure ask for it in your pre-chat survey.
If you want to use your customer’s phone number, make sure ask for it in your pre-chat survey.
  1. After you finish, click on Continue button down the page to proceed.
  2. Zapier will ask you to test new Zap. Follow the instructions to make sure your Zap is working correctly.
  3. Then click on the Finish button.

Launching the Zap

All set? That’s time turn this integration on.

  1. Turn the Zap on by clicking on the grey switch and start passing information from LiveChat to Twilio.

Turning Zap on

Et voilà! You have just linked your LiveChat with Twilio through Zapier. At the end of each chat, an SMS with a short summary will be sent.

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