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Survey Your Customers in Style with Mailchimp

Wojciech Guminski
2 min read
updated: Jun 14, 2023

Your brand can look like a million dollars, but if you can’t deliver exceptional service to your customers, they won’t do business with you. But what makes services stand out if everyone is already trying their best? The devil is in the details, meaning, you need to iron out all of your strategies to get the attention of customers.

Integrating LiveChat with Mailchimp gets you one step ahead of your competition in the customer service field. By making your chats and emails work in tandem, your support and sales lines will leave competitors in the dust with their default approach. To showcase how this integration can elevate your customer support strategy, let’s explore a use case that demonstrates its potential.

Use case scenario: surveying customers with an automated email form after a chatLink icon

Meet Amanda, a bride-to-be searching for the perfect wedding dress in your online boutique. She begins a chat conversation with Lisa, one of your agents, to gather more information about a particular gown.

Chat Dialogue:Link icon

The chat ends and:

- Thanks to the integration, LiveChat sends a Chat_finished event to Mailchimp.

- The event triggers a predefined Mailchimp email journey for Amanda.

- Amanda gets a follow-up email with instant access to a feedback form. 

Email Content:Link icon

Amanda can share her thoughts about the whole shopping experience conveniently in her own time.

Conclusions: LiveChat and Mailchimp make a  feedback machineLink icon

In our use case:

  • The agent helped the customer with her wedding preparations on chat.
  • Completing the chat triggered a Mailchimp email journey thanks to the connection between the two platforms. 
  • The customer received an email containing a Mailchimp form designed to survey customer satisfaction.
  • The customer could share her experience with the company in her own time, offering valuable insights the company could use in the future.

Sending personalized and relevant emails nurture relationships, increase engagement, and ultimately, generate more sales. Clients feel valued when they receive a follow-up email that includes contextual information, like a loyalty discount, a reminder about important appointments, or a simple “Did we handle your case well?” courtesy email.

Set up a similar survey following our guide and earn loyalty points by keeping a high standard of communication.

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